Becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner isn’t just about showing up for three classes to obtain Certifications.  It’s about signing up to be a life-long student.  Being a Reiki Master certainly doesn’t mean after three classes we have “mastered” Reiki.  It means we are giving ourselves to Spirit – to “the master” to continue to teach and guide us so that we are able to tune in to the energy through the service of others, creating sacred space to aid them along in their own healing.

Similar to yoga, the basis of Reiki itself is to realign the entire person, body, mind and soul.  Reiki allows us to unblock the energy within our bodies to create that state of peace, where healing can begin to take place.

I spent years studying under and working with my own Reiki Master regarding the correlation and connection to all of these facets of us. It becomes quite intriguing once you enter the world of “thoughts become things.”  We study in order to help guide people in seeing the relationship between thoughts and feelings, and how when thoughts and feelings are left unprocessed they become trapped energy blocks within our body, thus creating dis-comfort and dis-ease.

I began using Reiki within that thought process in all areas of my life.  Sure, at first as tests.  I can’t get this jar open, let me Reiki it first, the dishwasher won’t start, let me Reiki that too …… You see where I’m going! Then I began to Reiki situations.  A negative co-worker, a stressful friendship, and any situation that left me with that feeling of anticipation or dread, and truly I began to see positive results.   More and more I began to witness, create and experience the “majik of Reiki” everywhere in my own life.

I truly believe we are co-creators of our own lives, whether we are conscious of it or not.  The key is to become conscious, become aware and stay in that state of being.

Ever notice how the happy go lucky people seem to create more and more reasons to be happy, as if they were just born under a lucky star, while the Eeyore’s of the world seem to have everything go wrong for and around them all the time?  No one is born more or less lucky or deserving than anyone else.  Our lives are a direct result of our energy, our energy is a direct result of our emotions, and our emotions are a direct result of our thoughts.

Even our inner joking with ourselves gives off a vibration to the Universe.  I consider myself to be a pretty positive person, but even I get to be reminded of this from time to time, just to keep me on my toes.  Last year I underwent a huge life transition which left me shedding nearly every aspect and relationship of my “old life.”  The only one thing still standing of the old me was my day job.  You know, the “pays the bills job”.  A job I loved yes, but I loved it because I loved the atmosphere and the people I worked for and with.

I was fortunate in those aspects.  The day to day tasks in my job weren’t what I would deem fulfilling. I was merely good at my job, and my job caused me no stress.  Now, my heart thrives in my Reiki sessions.  I began to day dream about having more free time to devote to my sessions, and to expanding myself through additional research, conferences and classes.  I began to joke with myself saying “my day job is getting in the way of my life.”

Well guess what?  Last week I lost my job! My entire department is being sold out to another company that won’t have need for us.  We were all terminated or will be in the next few months once the process has been completed.

So, by chance or by choice this is the last layer of the old me I get to shed. Congratulations to me! I am being given an opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and create something new.

So, did Spirit give this to me just to shake me up by chance? Or was this my unconscious choice?

Did I choose this with my thoughts, which put the energy out there to the Universe.  The thought that I didn’t want to continue to work full time under someone else’s schedule?

I have no proof in either direction.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

I do have a belief.  I don’t actually believe in chance. So on that belief alone, if my thoughts, my energy, created this opportunity by choice, even if it was subconscious choice, to shake up my world, you can bet I’ll be using the energy of the Reiki on myself to create something beautiful out of it.  That’s my choice!

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