Side Crow Pose is a challenging arm balance.  Literally a twist on Crow Pose, Side Crow or Parvrittabakasana improves arm and shoulder strength while benefitting core muscles.

The power that lays in achieving Side Crow pose is overcoming the obstacles that your minds puts forth.  Steady practice and diligence brings improvements to our yoga practice and allows us to move to more challenging asanas that benefit the mind and body.

Side Crow Pose Nikki Possibilities
Photo: Nikki_Possibilities

Yogi Nikki tells us that, “There is a moment right before any arm balance lifts you up into the world of wings, and wonder and possibility when you have to have perfect faith…and then surrender to it.”

“It is just an instant before you tumble to the floor and a moment past all sense of safety.  For most of my life I never stepped off that ledge.  Never abandoned that place of certainty, tedium and predictability, even though it left me unsatisfied.  I was always too afraid to believe I could soar in any way.”

 Side Crow Pose Leialien Paz
Photo: Leialien Paz

So when I discovered the practice of arm balances, found this place where I could believe anything was possible, it changed the course of my life, because that belief bled into everything.  And suddenly that irrational desire to settle for a life that didn’t fulfill me was left behind.”

Side Crow Pose Regan Warner
Photo: Regan Warner

“There is the most beautiful power in certainty of self, certainty of your place in this world and on the very path you walk, whether you stumble and fall and then get back up, or whether you walk with easy steps and it seems the sun always shines upon you.  I don’t believe at all that the way must be clear for us to be certain.  No certainty, like hope, never needs to be justified.”

Side Crow Pose Chelsea Wise
Photo: Chelsea Wise

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As with any exercise program you must know yourself and understand your own health before attempting.

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Finding Certainty with Parvrittabakasana Side Crow Pose

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