You’ve tried everything to lose weight and get healthy. You don’t even want to hear the word diet any more, you’ve tried so many.  Running, speed walking, multiple gym memberships, all fallen flat.  The treadmill and elliptical you thought would work miracles lay covered in clothes and dust.  We won’t even mention the rowing machine you just sold at a garage sale.

How to Transform Your Body - Fat Loss Plan PFL90 by Rich Tweten

You drool over those Instagram images of fit women, mothers who were once just like you, caught in the vortex of every weight loss fad. You’ve set goals and resolutions and have consistently failed to meet them.  You want to, every part of you knows you want to, but you feel helpless, because you’re just not sure how to any more. There is hope.


Personal Trainer Rich Tweten Slayer of Stubborn Fat Author of PFL90Personal Trainer Rich Tweten, better known as the Slayer of Stubborn Fat, has written a thorough and practical book on how you can transform yourself.  He takes you step by step, helping you dig deeper to reach that inner you.  Posing questions that really get you thinking about your own weight loss journey, and providing insider secrets that will help you to meet your weight loss goals, and live a healthier lifestyle, if you’re committed.

The Ultimate Psychologically Based Fat Loss Plan by Rich Tweten

Rich’s book PFL90 – The Ultimate Psychologically Based Fat Loss Plan is jam packed with advice and exercises.  He shows you that being fat is a mindset you’ve created for yourself, and he teaches you how to break that mindset.


To help, Rich is generously offering three of our lucky readers a chance to win the following, absolutely free:


  • Author Rich Tweten’s eBook PFL90 – The Ultimate Psychologically Based Fat Loss Plan
  • PFL90 Audio Podcast
  • Extra Exercises and Workout Journals
  • Body Fat Measuring eBook
  • 25 Tasty Fat Loss Recipes eBook
  • 7 Seriously Nutritious Juice Recipes eBook
  • Posture and Core Conditioning eBook


90 Days of Unlimited Email Consulting and Live Audio Chat Sessions through Skype with Rich himself.

Imagine talking to the man himself, as he guides you along your weight loss journey.


Fat Loss Plan Giveaway by Rich Tweten

This weight loss prize package would retail at $495.00, but you can win it absolutely free!


The Transform Yourself Contest is now closed.  The Winners are:

  • Adrian Bold

  • Adeline Sheradelia

  • Alexandra Nikolaidou


Congratulations to our winners.  Thank you all for entering!  

More giveaways coming up so stay tuned!

Didn’t Win?  Don’t worry, Rich truly cares about your health so for a limited time he is generously offering our lucky readers an incredible deal.  Click here to find out more.

Want to reach Rich ‘The Slayer of Stubborn Fat’ Tweten directly?


To Enter All You Have to do is:

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Giveaway Rules:

  • Giveaway contest is open internationally.
  • Giveaway contest begins at time of publication January 15, 2016 and ends January 29, 2016 11:50pm EST.
  • Winner(s) will be randomly chosen and notified by email on February 5, 2016.
  • Winner(s) must reply to notification email by February 12, 2016 11:50pm EST.
  • Failure to accept prize within the designated timeline will result in forfeiture and a new winner(s) may be chosen.
  • Decision on winner(s) is final and prize is non-negotiable, non-substitutable, and non-transferable.
  • No purchase necessary.  Your gift is absolutely free, thanks to Rich ‘Slayer of Stubborn Fat’ Tweten.
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Now go on, comment below telling us why you need Rich Tweten’s PFL90 Prize Package.

Good Luck!

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How to Transform Your Body When You’ve Tried Everything Else

  1. You’re right I have tried everything else, and nothing works. I hope Rich Tweten’s book will help me lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Would love to win this. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sheri, this is Rich and I thought it would be appropriate if I replied to your comment. Frankly, it WILL work for you IF you work the system inside and the Psychological Factor of Rapid and Permanent Fat Loss Success is what truly delivers!

  2. Wow…isn’t it funny how opportunity knocks? This is exactly what both my husband and I need. I’ve been struggling for years now to lose that last 10 pounds and my husband seems to be struggling with the fat gained due to metabolism slowing down with age. Yes, those love handles are growing exponentially. We both need Rich the Slayer of Stubborn Fat” to come to our rescue. Personally, I’d love the podcasts and my husband would love me to utilize the 25 tasty fat loss recipe book. Thanks, Rich, for generously donating your time, expertise and materials to 3 lucky winners!!

  3. I need Rich’s help because iam on a road of unhealthy eating and living. 3 years ago I was so healthy lost 70lbs and reached my goal weight. Now I am stuck in a rut again with 30 lbs put back on. I am finding it so hard to exercise and eat right. I think this would kick me into the right goal again!
    Thanks. Shared on google +

  4. Hi. I need Rich’s help because it is very important for me to get to my healthy body weight for my health. Keeping my sugar levels out of the diabetic phase. Keep my heart healthy. Just doing the treadmill is not doing it. I started weight training to help burn fat.

  5. Ι need Rich’s help Because the last one year I’m trying to get back to my previous weight and lose 15 kilos. I try my best, I eat healthy, go to the gym, but I will sure need the help of an expert!
    Hope I win! Thank you!

  6. I went from always being 130lbs to 180lbs after 2 kids, but then continued to gain instead of lose due to Hoshi Moto’s Disease, so jumped up to 208lbs. I finally just the last couple months have been able to start losing weight since getting my Hoshi Moto’s under control but all i’ve done is try to watch what I eat better. I could really use this win for I think it could show me new ways and better ways to improve my weight loss and be back to a healthy weight.

    I have shared this to my social media – Holly Thomas on Facebook, @hollyann9816 on twitter and holly9816 on pinterest!

  7. I gained a fair amount of weight after being off my feet after a couple of foot operations. I do need help in getting back where I want to be.

  8. I really need help losing some weight. I was able to do it before after having a baby but now after having 2 more it’s been a lot harder. I shared on facebook.

  9. I have always been at a weight that I was happy with between 128 to 145. About 14 years ago, I got very ill, I became depressed, and had to quit working. I now weigh 230lbs, none of my clothing fits me, I am embarrassed by what has become of me. I had always been proud of myself, 3 kids ex-gymnast and still I was active and looked years younger. I am ready to work out, eat well and do anything that I need to get fit! Having fibromyalgia, degenerative disks, and my knees. I hope this actually gets me on the short list.

  10. I really NEED Rich Twetens PFL90 prize package for a couple a reasons! I used to be in great shape and looked pretty good (not trying to brag) but a couple of years I was pit on a medications that made me radidly gain
    40-50pds and even though I not longer take that medication, the weight is still on. I am a single mom of 4 and a Grandma to a little just born 2mths ago! I dont want to stay single forever but its hard when I feel so insecure about my weight! The other reason and probably most important is my kids and granddaughter, I need to take care of myself to be there for them.. my son that just made me a Grandma is only 16 and needs me to help guide him to make better decisions!! My problem is knowing what to do and where to start!! Thank you for providing me(hopefully) an opportunity to change my life!!

  11. I know I need Rich Tweten’s help as I’ve tried a whole load of diets and nothing works! And really really hoping Rich Tweten’s book will provide the answers I’ve always been searching for! Now, fingers crossed I win! 🙂

  12. I’m entering this contest for my husband whom I love very much and want to help. He has some health concerns and just started exercising. I think Rich’s program would put him in the right direction for his age and fitness level. Thank you for considering my entry. ?

  13. Because I have tried every diet, gym routine going and am at a loss. I want to be happy with my body for me and I would like to be able to go shopping and not be crying in the changing rooms!!

  14. Help! I’m going on holiday in June and I’ve put on 3 stone in last few years. I want to look nice in a Bikini help me lose weight.

  15. I’m 28 in April & i need to lose 40+lbs this year. I hate being big, i don’t eat unhealthy foods. I don’t smoke & rarely drink. I don’t do drugs. I’m very health-aware about alot of things & i just don’t know why & how i’ve put on 60lbs in 8 years.

    I work as a blogger.

    When i tell people how big or heavy i am, they say ‘no way’ ‘i don’t believe you’ that’s so sad.

    I hate being big, i actually think being ‘fat’ is disgusting but i’m happy for others that like it.

    So please, will you help?

    Thanks x

  16. I need help cause nothing works on me. Even got a trauma while taking exercises at home (third day after operation now.. )

  17. This would be a godsend for my husband and myself, who are changing our lives in many ways this year – moving to a new city, starting new jobs, and trying to become healthier because we both have health issues. We both need to lose much more than just 10 pounds each – maybe as much as 50 pounds each! Good luck to everyone else 🙂

  18. I’m trying to lose almost 3 stone of baby weight but am so busy with 2 kids and a full-time job that I need something that just works!!!

  19. I need guidance to lose body fat without cutting too many calories or nutrition –to avoid slowing my metabolism or sending me into starvation mode. I have been regaining significant weight I had lost, due to overeating.

  20. I need help losing this weight. I’ve tried a lot of things but it hasn’t worked. I just need something that works.

  21. I would love to win this to help me in my weight loss journey. I need to lose 70 pounds. After two pregnancies and a back injury, my weight has only increased and it feels like an impossible mission to get to my goal (and healthy) weight. I need to get back in shape for them, but more for myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve been happy with the person I see in the mirror.

  22. I’d love to win this because I’ve tried a lot of diets and quick fixes over the years but nothing seems to make me shift this weight or keep it off. I know it’s all about retraining the mind so a helpful push in the right direction would be great 🙂

    (sharing on twitter and Facebook)

  23. I’d love to win this fabulous prize. Always been a yo-yo dieter and on / off gym kind of guy. Need to get healthy and fit urgently.

  24. I have trouble with exercise, I have quite a bad back problem and find the exercises I want to do to tone up my tummy all cause me a great deal of pain. Would love to be more toned and find the correct program to tone without pain????

  25. I lost 10 stone with a diet club and felt great but unfortunately injured my knee was unable to exercise and slowly put a lot of it back on, the club is not running anymore and I am struggling to get back down to the weight I need to be

  26. I have been wanting to get healthier overall and I think that theses could really help me make that change!

  27. I really do need Rick’s assistance in keeping me focused on the task at hand which would be to eat sensibly and to losedddddddddddddddd weight!

  28. I have been very overweight for far too long and I need help. I have a hard time going more than 2 weeks on a “diet plan.” I am super interested in the psychological factor since I know a lot of my struggles are mental. I feel like this might be very beneficial for me and my current situation right now.

  29. My wife and I have been trying to be healthier this year. We are watching the foods we eat and are trying to get in more exercise. These products would really help us with our goals.

  30. I would so very much love to win because I have such a hard time loosing weight with my back and neck problems. I love how you have a section focused on the spine… I have allot of spine problems. Even my cervical spine is curved the wrong way because of spasaming. I would love to loose weight… its just so hard to when your in so much pain. I think this would help so much! Thanks for the chance!! (Shared as the following: Facebook: Emilee Bond Twitter: @giveawaygirlem Pinterest: Emilee Bond Instagram: giveawaygirlem )

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