Anjaneyasana or Low Lunge Pose is an empowering heart opener.  This pose allows you truly open your heart chakra and explore the freedom that lies within you, as you expose yourself to the universe.  The pose named after Hanuman’s mother Anjani has many variations along with several physical benefits.

One of the poses used in Surya Namaskar, Anjaneyasana especially strengthens the hips and the thighs, while also allowing for a good shoulder and neck stretch.  The shape of this pose gives it its English name, Low Lunge or Crescent Moon.

Anjaneyasana Low Lunge Pose by FreeDiveGirl
Photo: Stephanie FreeDiveGirl

A basic yoga pose that is easily modifiable for all levels, yogi Stephanie says, “Allow your body to express the postures as it wants to, remembering that every single person will look differently in a pose, and the flowering of your shape is just as valuable and just as exquisite as every other persons.  This is the beauty of yoga practice.”

Anjaneyasana Low Lunge Pose by Nikki_Possibilities
Photo: Nikki_Possibilities

This pose has taught yogi Nikki that amazing things can happen when you are patient, “Every breath offers room to sink, settle, reach, surrender and discover.  It’s this kind of yoga, that of the beautiful storytelling that can happen when breath and body create together, that I have fallen in love with.”

“The slow and sultry sinking into a pose, the savouring of every millimeter between this moment and the next, the power that comes from that slow dance of moving from one pose to the next.  And, if I release my expectations, open my heart, and simply be in the moment…this pose is truly a wonderful celebration.”

Anjaneyasana Low Lunge Pose by Karissa TheGivingMom
Photo: Karissa TheGivingMom

Anjaneyasana provides an opportunity for opening and grounding at the same time.  According to yogi Karissa, “In this pose I feel balanced and grounded, but also lifted and free, reaching into infinite space and possibilities.  Pulling that out of the universe and manifesting any visions I can dream of.”

Anjaneyasana Low Lunge Pose by Regan Warner
Photo: Regan Warner

The chakra balancing heart opening pose provides the perfect blend of empowerment, grounding, opening and balance.  Open your heart and let the light shine in.

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As with any exercise program you must know yourself and understand your own health before attempting.

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