Gandabherundasana or Chin Stand is an advanced and intimidating yoga pose that comes with gradual practice, but is extremely releasing once achieved.  Also known as Formidable Face Pose, this is one of the more complex yoga poses that should be only be attempted after years of practice with less advanced preparatory poses such as Sirasana and Cobra Pose.

Yogi Chelsea Wise tells us that, “This pose is so powerful.  It releases an intense amount of energy and intelligence through the opening of the throat centre.  And it makes me laugh.  It’s a funny kind of laugh, like your lungs are pressed against your ribs, your jaw is being used as a pivot point for your body and your throat is being offered up to earth like a root under the weight of its tree.”

 Gandabherundasana Chin Stand by Chelsea Wise
Photo: Chelsea Wise

Yogi Nikki shares her experience with Chin Stand, “This was the first pose that introduced me to the idea that we aren’t meant to be fearless, we are simply meant to be brave enough to move through our fear, and aware enough of our strengths and weaknesses so that we know when we are ready and which road to walk when we are.”

Gandabherundasana Chin Stand by Nikki Possibilities
Photo: Nikki Possibilities

“It blew me away.” Says Nikki. “That first moment when I realized that fear wasn’t a hindrance at all, but an opportunity to move within my limits, to savour the here and now and to celebrate the moment, and its chance to lay yourself down at the feet of humility and say ok, I surrender, I can stay here with you a little while, until I’m ready for that next big leap.”

The important thing is to be humble with this pose.  Slow and gradual preparation with less advanced poses means you must learn when the time is right.  Humility is about understanding our own limitations, and knowing that, achieving the end result is a journey that involves a series of steps.

As with any exercise program you must know yourself and understand your own health before attempting.

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