The practice of yoga includes the understanding of Chakras.  Charkras are the centres of energy located within your body.

As part of the JuneOYourChakras Instagram yoga challenge, Brit Labonte, Chris Silbaugh, and Alek Parkinson will be teaching fellow yogis about their chakras and how specific yoga poses relate to specific chakras.

Day 1 – Root Chakra by Alek Parkinson

The root chakra is the first chakra.  It is your beginning point for balancing your chakras.  It is your foundation, and is aptly located at the base of your spine.  It is the root of your being and establishes the deepest connections with your physical body, your environment, and the Earth.

The Sanskrit name for Root Chakra is Muladhara, and it is the most instinctual of all chakras.  It is your survival centre.  It’s energy allows us to harness courage, resourcefulness, and the will to live during trying times.  It is where your inner hero lives.

The pose of the day is Extended Side Eagle Pose or Utthita Parsvakonasana, long names, but fitting because this pose is all about long clean lines.

Root Chakra Yoga Pose Alek Parkinson

Your legs or your foundation, are where you channel that Root Chakra energy.  Think strong, firm, capable, rooting you down to the earth, into this moment in time.

The top arm reaching long, channelling that earth energy through the leg and all the way up your side body out the fingers.

It’s a beautiful pose, and peaceful once you find the balance of strength in the legs.


Follow along throughout the month of June to learn about your chakras.


Photo Credits:  Feature from Christi Silbaugh @momwhatsfordinner on Instagram

Eagle Post from Alek Parkinson @alekmp7 on Instagram



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