Triangle pose works to open your Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana that governs life lessons.  In this, How To, Alek Parkinson, Brit Labonte, and Christi Silbaugh provide simple instructions to achieve Triangle pose, or in Sanskrit, Trikoasana, during the JuneOYourChakras yoga challenge.

Day 5 – Triangle Pose Trikoasana

by Christi Silbaugh, Brit Labonte and Alek Parkinson

Triangle Pose Trikoasana by Christi Silbaugh for Trybelle Magazine

Svadhisthana governs life lessons involving blaming and guilt, sex, power, and control.  This chakra is the base for your sense of morality.  This is your second chakra, and is part of your creativity, manifestation, money, and prosperity.

Triangle Pose or Trikoasana by Alek Parkinson for TryBelle Magazine

Information kept in this chakra involves your emotions and feelings, and often feelings of duality.  Your personal magnetism, your patterns of control, and your sociability also emanate from the Sacral Chakra.

An imbalance in this chakra may manifest as an eating disorder, alcohol and drug addiction, intimacy issues, impotence, frigidity, and depression.

Your Sacral Chakra is associated with the functions and qualities of your emotions, sexual desire, pleasure, socialization, and procreation.  The energy is both emotional and sensual, and full of feminine energies, so all you ladies out there, this one is especially for us!

Not only are both sexuality and pleasure associated with this chakra, but also nurturing.  Here is our desire for nurturing, nourishment, warmth, and motherly instincts.

Triangle Pose or Trikoasana by PeaceLoveanYoga for TryBelle Magazine

Triangle Pose works to open the Sacral Chakra.

1) Stand at the top of your mat in Mountain Pose

2) Take a big step back with your right foot, turning your foot towards the side of the mat while keeping your left toes pointing forward.

3) Inhale as you raise your arms out in a T shape with your palms pointing down.

4) Exhale as you begin to hinge at the hip towards your left leg, deepening the crease where your hip bone meets your pelvis.

5) Continue to reach out through the top of the head, keeping the spine long, and both sides of the torso equal in length.

6) Lift your knee cap on your front thigh, contracting the quadriceps to support the knee.

7) Allow your left hand to float towards your shin.  Your right arm will float up towards the sky.  Keep your arms in a T shape.

8) Ensure you keep your spine and torso long, without creating a bend in the waist.

9) Draw your lower belly in to support the lower spine.  Tuck your chin in slightly and turn your gaze up towards your right hand.

10) Keep your connection with the Earth, especially grounding with the outside of your back foot and all four corners of your front foot.

11) Breathe comfortably as you hold the position.  To exit the pose, on an exhale look down towards your left foot, draw your lower belly in, root down through your feet, and inhale as you rise up.

12) Turn and step back to the top of the mat and repeat on the opposite side.

Follow along daily for a different pose relating to a specific chakra.

As with any exercise program you must know yourself and understand your own health before attempting.

Photo Credits:

Feature Image:  Triangle Pose by Brittaney_sithyogini

Triangle Pose on Beach Christi Silbaugh @momwhatsfordinner

Triangle Pose in the Grass by Alek Parkinson @alekmp7

Triangle Pose on the Sidewalk by @PeaceLoveanYoga

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