Handstands are empowering and also intimidating.  Adhomukhavrksasana is an advanced yoga pose that requires your feet to leave the ground, and invert your body against the laws of gravity.

Stabilizing your body in an inverted vertical position is intimidating to say the least, but there are many who love inversions.  Starting with something like a modified Sirasana practiced against the wall at first will help move you towards this advanced pose.

Adhomukhavrsasana Brings Steadiness and Joy Handstand by Nikki_Possibilities
Photo: Nikki_Possibilites

Being upside down is a rare and unusual feeling that provides a sense of freedom.  Yogi Leslie Storms reflects on Adhomukhavrkasana, “No matter how solid your handstand practice is there is opportunity for expansion.  Since childhood I have savored being upside down!  I would enjoy hours of playing on my hands using doorways as supports.  However, as a yogi this pose has taught me a strong sense of discipline and patience, because it demands both if you desire the brilliant beauty and benefits of this asana.  Handstand is where I most easily discover Sthira Sukham Asanam, steadiness, ease and joy.”

Adhomukhavrsasana Handstand by Leslie Storms
Photo: Leslie Storms

As with any exercise program you must know yourself and understand your own health before attempting.

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