Crown Chakra or Sahasrara is located at the top of the head, or your crown.  It is associated with pure white light, and is linked to our awareness of oneness with the source.

Toe Squat is a great pose to bring focus to your Crown Chakra and help you meditate.  This pose can get very intense so listen to your body.

Toe Squat Pose by Tahnee Cattaneo for TryBelle Magazine

Day 19 – Crown Chakra and Toe Squat How To

by Alek Parkinson, Brit Labonte and Christi Silbaugh

Crown Chakra is all about pure awareness.  It is the seventh and final chakra and represents our thoughts, manifesting itself as information.  Its function is understanding, and the psychological state that it creates is bliss.

When meditating in Toe Squat Pose, focus on positive images and thoughts. This enables the opening of our Crown Chakra which is our link to something greater than ourselves, and connects us with a higher consciousness.

The seventh chakra helps us to transcend from the physical to something beyond. After all, we are not our bodies, but our minds and souls.  We are part of the great collective consciousness.  We are part of the great spirit.

Toe Squat Pose by BeachyCowGirl for TryBelle Magazine

As you meditate visualize the white light at the top of your head.  Connect with it.  Go into it.  Deepen your thoughts.  Imagine the path to goodness, leaving behind all physical realms.  This is your Crown Chakra.

Toe Squat is great for meditation and working on your focus.  Also, by compressing the toes you activate all six of the body meridians.  It strengthens the ankles, foot arches, thighs, back, and spine.

How to Do Toe Squat

1) Start by kneeling.  Lean forward and tuck your toes underneath.  Make sure all your toes are spread out and not cramped up underneath the foot.

Toe Squat Pose by Brit Labonte for TryBelle Magazine

2) Slowly sit back towards the heels until your sitting bones are resting on your heels.

3) If you cannot sit comfortably with an aligned spine, stop here and adjust.

Toe Squat Pose by Christi Silbaugh for TryBelle Magazine

4) Hands can go above your head, at your sides, or in front of you in Gyan Mudra.  Or behind your back in prayer pose.

See the images here for various variations.



As with any exercise program you must know yourself and understand your own health before attempting.



Photo Credits in order:

Feature Image: Toe Squat Pose in the Woods: Alek Parkinson @alekmp7

Toe Squat Pose by the Hills: Tahnee Cattaneo @406fitspiration

Toe Squat Pose in the Grass:  Sandra Holt Holland @BeachyCowGirl

Toe Squat Pose in the Garden:  Brit Labonte @Brit_Labonte

Toe Squat Pose in the Backyard: Christi Silbaugh @momwhatsfordinner



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Crown Chakra and Toe Squat Bring Focus

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