Child’s Pose is the perfect pose to surrender yourself to your own internal vision and intuition.  It helps to balance your Third Eye Chakra which is associated with your mind’s eye, your perception, your sixth sense.  It is the spiritual centre upon which you meditate. The Third Eye Chakra is your mental centre, and the seat of your soul in the form of OM.

Day 17 – How to Do Child’s Pose

by Alek Parkinson, Brit Labonte, and Christi Silbaugh

Childs Pose by Christi Silbaugh for TryBelle Magazine

There are so many ways to see something, and it all comes down to your own perception, which makes up your reality.

Child’s Pose or Balasana is definitely not a pose that looks like much from an outsiders perspective, but any yogi worth their salt, beginner or experienced, knows that this pose is the bees knees.  This is the ultimate resting pose, and your “go to” pose for surrender.  When you’ve reached your limits you rest in Child’s pose. There are no judgements here.  It is simply a place to rest and understand yourself.  If done with an open mind you can actively feel physical, mental, and emotional relief in this pose.

Yogini Chelsea Willett tells us that, “I absolutely love starting off a class in this pose.  It instantly helps me to surrender to the practice, and turn inward.  The forehead is pressing on the earth for a direct connection to the third eye, which is lovely!”

Childs Pose by Chelsea Willett for TryBelle Magazine

Chelsea shows us an arm variation here (above) that she uses because her shoulders are “notoriously tight, and this is a soft opening for mine without distracting from this pose of wisdom”

Childs Pose by JessicaFan_Yoga for TryBelle Magazine

You can even do it with your child on your back.

How to Do Child’s Pose:

1) Kneel on the floor with big toes touching, and sit on your heels, then separate your knees about as wide as your hips.

2) Exhale and lay your torso down between your thighs.  Broaden your pelvis while lengthening your tailbone away form the back of the pelvis.  Actively lift the base of your skull away from the back of your neck.

3) Lay your hands on the floor alongside your torso, palms up, and release the fronts of your shoulders toward the floor.  Feel how the weight of the front shoulders pulls the shoulder blades wide across your back.

4) Rest your forehead down onto the floor, and relax in this pose as needed from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, whatever suits you best.

Practice this pose when you need a rest from a challenging asana or when you simply need a rest.  I’ll be in Child’s pose for the next few hours!

Childs Pose by BeachyCowGirl for TryBelle Magazine



As with any exercise program you must know yourself and understand your own health before attempting.



Photo Credits in order:

Feature Image: Child’s Pose in the Woods:  Alek Parkinson @alekmp7

Child’s Pose on the Beach:  Christi Silbaugh @momwhatsfordinner

Child’s Pose by the Pool: Chelsea Willett @frankielove954

Child’s Pose with Child:  Jessica @jessicafan_yoga

Child’s pose in the Grass:  Sandra Holt Holland @BeachyCowGirl

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