The Christmas season is upon us and with it comes the need to pick the perfect holiday gift.  This year TryBelle Magazine has made it easy.  We’ve not only got 10 unique Christmas gift giving ideas, we’ve also got some fantastic giveaways that you can win for yourself or a loved one.

These perfect gifts were handpicked by our team of Santa sleuths, everything from inflatable SUP boards, and yoga pants, to special headbands and glam natural skincare.  Perfect for everyone in your life, we’ve rounded up some great gifts that are different from the ordinary, and come at a variety of price points for all budgets.  And don’t forget to enter our giveaway contest, at the end, to win some of these fantastic gifts for yourself.

For Beach Lovers

Gurus Flip Flops on Beach

Setting off for a tropical Christmas?  Then don’t forget to pack your Gurus flip flops.  Not your average dime store variety, Gurus’ flip flop design has been inspired by the wooden sandal worn by Gandhi.  Combining modern style with the ancient traditions of India, Gurus are made using sustainable practices, from rubber grown on the owner’s family farm in south India.

Gurus feel great on your feet and on your heart.  For every product sold, Gurus plants a tree, so you know the earth smiles as you flip flop along the shoreline.  With plenty of colours, patterns, and sizes for Men, Women and Kids you can tuck a pair into every stocking, as you head out on your tropical Christmas vacation.

Gurus sandals retail for about $30.00 US

Gurus is giving 3 lucky readers a chance to win a pair of their fantastic flip flops.  Enter Below.

For Glam Travellers

On Board Organics

Ready for your tropical family getaway with your Gurus in hand means your skin needs to be beach ready.  Organic travel sized products from On Board Organics will get you there.  Made in the celebrity capital of the world, Los Angeles, On Board has luscious organic lotions and after-sun skin care creams that will keep your skin looking and feeling celebrity glam throughout the holidays.

A 2 oz. organic body lotion retails for $7.45 US

Great for stocking stuffers and as precious gifts. Get On Board before your flight leaves you behind.  Use Promo Code TryBelle for a free scrub with every purchase.  One for them and one for you – that’s the kind of giving where everybody wins!

On Board Organics is giving away a 4oz Vanilla Lotion and Scrub to 1 lucky reader. Enter Below.

For Comfort Lovers

Trybe Activewear Beach Yoga by DanielleWhile you’re getting on board, there’s nothing more comfortable than travelling in super comfy no camel toe, undies free yoga pants.  Fengbay has designed yoga pants with superior comfort and quality in mind.

Perfect for your next flight, these pants won’t attract lint and dog hair, leaving you presentable and comfortable as you arrive in destination, ready for some beach yoga. The unique multi-layered gusset gives you the option to go undies free. A perfect gift for all the women in your life.  Go Free with your Trybe.

Fengbay yoga leggings retail for $21.00 US

Trybe Activewear is giving away a pair of yoga leggings to one lucky reader.  Enter Below.

For SUP Lovers

AirHead Fit 1032 iSUPWho doesn’t love to stand up paddleboard? Noooooobody.  While some of us wish for a white Christmas, the rest of us are looking forward to climbing back onto our paddleboards come spring.  A sport that appeals to both genders and all ages, Stand Up Paddleboarding gets you close to nature while providing a fun workout.  

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to unwrap an AirHead Inflatable paddleboard.  I’m standing on my head with excitement. AirHead inflatable SUP boards are easy to transport at just over 25 pounds, and make fitness fun.  

The Airhead Popsicle SUP

For Surf Lovers

Slipins Zippered Minis

Another great gift idea to keep your SUP lover looking amazing is the Zippered Suit from Axesea.  Truly unique, these awesome surf and SUP skins keep you sun safe with their 60+SPF, and provide the comfort and confidence to take those waves.  Imagine her excitement when she unwraps her very own unique body suit that keeps her zipped in and comfortable.  Limited edition designs means she won’t be looking like everyone else as she hops on her SUP board.  Great quality, awesome designs, bold and beautiful. Just like her.

TheAxesea Long Sleeve Rash Guard UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Zip Front Swimsuit/Surfing Shirt

For Anyone with Hair

Bolder BandSick of having your hair all over your face when you run, or having your headband pop off your head during your workout? There’s a solution. It’s the RipGear HeadBand.  These fantastic headbands come in a dazzling variety of pattern, styles, and colours and will be your favourite workout sidekick in no time.  Quality made, this is the headband everyone is talking about, and for good reason. Get a few for the runners and fitness lovers in your life.

RipGear Headbands retail for around $10 -$20 US and make great gifts.

For Yoga Lovers

Yoga Coasters

Let your precious yoga lover know she no longer has to fold up the end of her mat to protect her knees, elbows and head.  She can use Yoga Coasters  Instead!  A brilliant idea for those yogis who slip and slide on their bulky blankets and folded mats.  Yoga Coasters help cushion joints while she poses in her best asana.  The coasters come in pairs and are small enough to stay on your mat as you move through your sun salutation.

Yoga Coasters retail at $20 US per pair, so it’s easy to put them under the tree of every yogi in your family.

The great people behind Yoga Coasters are giving away a pair just for you.  Enter in the Comments section.

For Indoor Yoga Lovers

Karma SUPtra indoor yoga boards

Stay with us Yoga lovers.  We’ve got a very unique gift for that yogi who needs to up her game.  Check out Karma SUPtra.  Not a yoga mat, and not quite a SUP board.  Karma SUPtra merges the joy of yoga and fitness of standup paddleboarding with an indoor SUP inspired yoga board.  Wouldn’t she love to find this under the tree come Christmas morning.  For those of us who miss our paddleboards on wintery days, take it inside with the Karma SUPtra indoor yoga board.

The Karma SUPtra board retails for $579 to $699.00 US with beautiful graphic art.

You can also learn more about Karma SUPtra from our review in September.

Karma SUPtra is giving away a $150 gift card towards the purchase of a Karma SUPtra Indoor Yoga Board of your choice.

For Nature Lovers

Zoe Natural Creations Aromatherapy Pillows

Return to nature with the amazing gift of Zoe’s Natural Creations.  So good for you, scrubs, body butters, and bar soaps are made from all natural ingredients with a delectable fragrance.  An awesome little pick me up are Zoe’s Aromatherapy Pillows.  These beautiful flax filled pillows used warm or cool, help soothe away aches and pains.  The perfect stocking stuffer.  Keep a few on hand around the house throughout the year.

A pretty 6×6 inch bag retails for $16 US

Use code Relax25 for 25% off until Dec 26th on all Aromatherapy Pillows 

For Beach Lovers, Again

Little Louvell Mandala TowelsFor our final Christmas gift idea, we’re back to the beach, because we are all beach lovers aren’t we. And we have found the most unique gift for the beach lover in your life.  Little Louvell are round towels inspired by mandala designs.

Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing little about these thirsty 100% cotton towels that spread out to 150cm in diameter, and come in 12 different designs.  Wrap one up for her today.

Little Louvell’s retail for $60 Australian.

For Winners

Now that we’ve given you 10 Unique Holiday Gift Giving Ideas, here’s your chance to win a few of your own.

Comment below letting us know which of these gifts you’d love to win!

  • Gurus Sandals (We’re giving away three pairs)
  • On Board Organics (4 oz. Vanilla Lotion and Scrub)
  • Trybe Activewear (Signature yoga leggings)
  • SlipIns (Synergy Gymskin)
  • Bolder Band (Hippy Chick Headband)
  • Yoga Coasters (1 Pair of coasters)
  • Karma SUPtra ($150 Gift Card)

The Giveaway is now closed.  Thank you to all who entered!  

The Winners are:

Bethany Cummings – Bolder Band

Pat Nielse – Gurus Sandals

Kim – Gurus Sandals

Brenda Witherspoon – Gurus Sandals

Monette Kane – Karma SUPtra Gift Card

Elizabeth White – On Board Organics

Lori Petrioniro – SlipIns Zippered Mini

Kandra Zekya – Trybe Activewear Signature Yoga Leggings

Allyssa Conroy – Yoga Coasters

To Enter All You Have to Do is:

  1. Comment below telling us which one is your favourite gift to win.
  2. Share this article using one or more of the social buttons below.

Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway Rules:

  • Giveaway contest is open to anyone with a USA or Canadian shipping address.
  • Giveaway contest begins at time of publication Dec 10, 2015 and ends Dec  24, 2015 11:50pm EST.
  • Winner(s) will be randomly chosen and notified by email on January 7, 2016.
  • Winner(s) must reply to notification email by January 15, 2016 11:50pm EST.
  • Failure to accept prize within the designated timeline will result in forfeiture and a new winner(s) may be chosen.
  • Decision on winner(s) is final and prize is non-negotiable, non-substitutable, and non-transferrable.
  • No purchase necessary.  Your gift is absolutely free, thanks to our fabulous sponsors.

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TryBelle Magazine wishes you and yours a safe and happy Christmas season, and a fit and active new year!

Now comment below telling us which gift is your favourite.

Good Luck!


10 Unique Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

  1. You guys are way too kind! My fav would be the SlipIns (Synergy Gymskin)…bet this has multiple uses!! The print looks amazing 🙂 Love, love, love your mag gals!!!

  2. I’ve been wanting to try a pair of the Trybe leggings for months now as well as their shorts when they come out as they’d be perfect for the weekly SUP yoga classes that I teach year round! I also just saw that the material doesn’t attract dog hair, which is awesome and so helpful! – @maestralindsey (ig)

  3. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! My arthritis is telling me those Yoga Coasters would be a dream to win 🙂

  4. I loved the headbands^_^ the others were great too (especially the coasters) but if I had to choose one, it would be the headbands:)

  5. I’d love to try the Trybe Activewear or win one of the Little Louvell beach towels. Each would be perfect for my beach vacations.

  6. I would LOVE the Karma SUPtra Board. I love Yoga to stay healthy inside and out. My goal is to build up my flexibility, mobility and balance with Yoga. I want to hold my poses longer and with a more solid and stable stance. Yoga stimulates the mind, body and soul and what better way to celebrate Yoga then by sporting the Trybe Yoga line.

  7. The SlipIns look great! I just checked out their website and they have so many great prints and designs. I’d love to try them in my next SUP sesh. Thank you for this opportunity!

  8. These are great gifts, but the one I would love to win is the Karma SUPtra, I have not seen this before, and how great to have this indoor inspired SUP board for yoga. Thank you for introducing it to me on your site.

  9. The Syergy Gymskin is fab. I’m a burner, so this would let me be on the water for longer.

  10. I love the On Board vanilla lotion and scrub. Obviously a classic and delish scent. The Trybe Leggings look hot too though. I’m totally a fan.

  11. I really like them all, but if I must choose, it would be the Bolder Band headband first, with the Guru sandals a close second!

  12. Trybe activewear would be great! I’m a physical education major and I’m always looking for new, comfy activewear.

  13. I love the Karma SUPtra times a billion. Really love it. Yap,would love to see this under my tree. 🙂

  14. I would so love to win the karma SUPtra board. Always wanted a SUP paddleboard and since we’re not too close to the water this would be the next best thing… Being able to do yoga and on an SUP yoga board indoors would be totally awesome & AMAZINGG! Thanks for the chance!

  15. I would absolutely loveeeeeeee the Trybe Activewear Yoga Leggings.
    You really can never have enough yoga leggings.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  16. I would love to win the yoga pants!! Seriously, I LIVE in them. I also would love the flip flops or skin care line. Florida is flip flop nation down here! Thank you for the opportunity to win. XOXO

    much love. Alex

  17. So many amazing choices to be offered for a prize! But most of all I would love any of the organic skin products, an indoor paddle board gift card, or trybe active wear because I live in comfy yoga pants when I’m not at work. Thank you trybelle mag! <3

  18. Would so love the Trybe leggings…a yogi can never have enough of lwggings! Would be so ahMazinggg! Thanks for the chance!

    Shared on Twitter & Pinterest again 🙂

  19. Wow I’m in need of some good head bands when I work out!! And that karma suptra board looks AMAZING!

  20. Wow, what amazing products! Im leaving to Mexico soon so all these prpducts would be perfect! But, if I had to chose… Sliplns, trybe avtivewear or on board organics! I hope to be one of the winners, love all of your products!!

  21. Great prizes , love the details . Sandals or the leggings will be amazing. Thanks for the chance

  22. Id be happy with any of these!! However, I’d live the paddle board or the active wear! All of them are fantastic. ❤️

  23. I would LOVE a pair of Trybe Activewear leggings or the Bolder Band Headband! These are awesome prizes!!!

  24. On Board Organics (4 oz. Vanilla Lotion and Scrub) would be my fave gift to try. Merry Christmas!

  25. I would LOVE to win the Trybe Activewear yoga leggings and thank you so much for this opportunity!

  26. I would love to win the On Board Organics scrubs! I have such sensitive skin and organic products seem to always do the trick! 🙂

  27. I would love to win anything. But if I have to pick then it’s the Gurus Sandals. My flip flops but the dust last summer.

  28. I would to win the Gurus Sandals or the Trybe Activewear or the SlipIns – but anything would be wonderful <3 xoxo

  29. My favorite at of all of them is definitely the Trybe Activewear, I could always use a nice pair of leggings! Merry Christmas

  30. Would so loOove the Trybe leggings! But I could definitely use the boulder band to keep the hair out of my face OR the karma SUP giftcard would be sweet! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  31. Emails have been sent to potential winners. Please check your spam folders to ensure you do not miss out. We require your acceptance email response by Jan 15, 2016 11:50 p.m. EST. Thank you to everyone for entering!

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