I believe our bodies have the amazing ability to self-heal, if we have the right tools, patience, desire, intent, and faith, that healing will happen.

I came to a time in my health history that I had two doctors telling me adamantly I needed to have a hysterectomy. I had a very long history of female issues that included many surgeries over the years.   I was just as adamant in saying no to the hysterectomy.  I did not have cancer, “just” life interrupting pain due to adhesions from all of the surgeries, along with cysts and fibroids.  I wanted my body to go through menopause within its own natural timing.  I don’t enjoy my life being interrupted.  Who does?  So, I began to seek alternative methods.  I was introduced to a Body Talk/Reiki Master Practitioner – Jon Whatley, who ended up changing my life.

I showed up for my first session, and Jon looked me right in the eye and said, “I have no doubt, we can fix your issues.”  Ballsy!  And I believed him.  Thus begun my Reiki journey.  I began having regular sessions with Jon, and those were my first steps to healing.

Fast forward over seven years later, and I never had that hysterectomy, nor do I have any recurring cysts or fibroids.  What I do have are the tools to tap into an ancient, timeless, healing modality that I now pay forward to others.    Jon not only healed my body, but also mentored me through the process of classes, sessions, and attunements to become a Reiki Master Practitioner myself.

I would never tell anyone to turn his or her back on Western Medicine.  In a perfect healing environment, Eastern Medicine modalities used in conjunction with Western Medicine are optimal in treating the entire person, body, mind, heart, and spirit.  Medication treats the symptom, but not the cause.  Even having surgery, treats the symptom, but does not treat the core issues that created the symptom.

In my belief, when there is a physical symptom it is the end of the story, not the beginning.  People with chronic pain are usually depressed, and they often say, “If I just felt better, I would be happier.” I believe that if they were happier, they would be healthier.  Perhaps something in their life, somewhere along their journey, gave them an experience that triggered a thought and emotion about that experience that they never processed in a healthy or cleansing manner.

We all attempt to suppress difficult experiences.  It may be too painful to look at. Perhaps we do not want to make someone else uncomfortable, or simply because we believe we are strong enough to quietly put it in the closet of our minds, and simply go on.  Eventually however, that closet door is going to creep open from all of the debris that gathers inside, and when it does, it ends up manifesting itself thru physical symptoms within our bodies, forcing us to look at it.  Therefore, in my world it is our unhappiness, conscious or subconscious, that creates our physical ailments.

For me, it was in my female organs.  Female organs represent nurturing, which was a role I took very seriously.  I over-mothered everyone in my life, and I began to drown within my own life because of it.  Allowing others’ needs to become my emergencies.  Allowing others to put their wants, needs, and desires before my own even when they included unreasonable demands on my time and energy.  Even when the demanders were volatile.  I did so out of love, like many other people do, every single day.   I carried those patterns forward into every relationship I had until my body reacted by opening that closet door. I then began to explore healing on a deeper level than just allowing more invasive surgeries or resorting to pain pills, which had horrendous effects on my body.

Reiki is about a healing energy. Just like nature.

Reiki creates an environment of still, peace, nurturing. It realigns our energies, opens our chakra’s, and resets our bodies to a sacred space that now has the ability to clear out blocked energy, creating an opportunity for possible healing.  I say possible, because as a Reiki Practitioner we cannot focus on outcome.  Reiki is not something a Practitioner does TO a client.  A Reiki practitioner spends time studying, and becomes a healing facilitator, allowing the Reiki energy into the session and allowing it to pass through the practitioner’s body, out of their hands with loving intent, into the client.

The practitioner, spirit, and the client all have to “show up” for the session in which healing will occur at the clients highest good.  Sometimes that is relieving a headache, or simply decreasing stress. Sometimes it is more complex, releasing cysts and fibroids from within the body! Sometimes, the only healing that is meant to take place, is creating a state of peace and healing of an emotional heart, even if it appears the physical body is in decline.

If you have anything going on in your life, that is decreasing your quality of life, whether it be emotional, mental or physical you must experience Reiki.  I promise you, you have nothing to lose and potentially so much to gain, as I did. My Reiki path has been life altering.

Reiki cannot harm you.  You can’t have ‘too much’.  It is not a religion, or a cult.  It is a spiritual energy, and you do not have to hold any certain belief for it to work or for you to participate.  All you have to do is show up, wearing loose comfortable clothing, with an open mind, and the willingness to accept the experience.

You will lay on a massage table, fully clothed.  The practitioner will run hands over you, sometimes on the body, sometimes above the body.  Every practitioner is different.  Every session is different.  Sometimes the sensations are physical; you will feel a tangible warmth or surge of energy course through your body.  Sometimes what you feel is more “a state of being” than physical.  Regardless of the exact process, you CAN expect to leave the session, feeling different, even if you can’t quite explain the feeling.  In addition, for the next few days you will process the exchange of energy that takes place, physically and emotionally.  Through waves of peace, internal happiness and even bliss.  You may also go through a release of some kind. If you feel lethargic, or weepy, or get a headache afterwards, it is simply part of the process of the energy helping you to move something out, releasing the built up gunk.  What have you got to lose really?  Except an hour out of your crazy, busy, hectic schedule where you can be still, in a peaceful, relaxed environment in exchange for an hour of self-nurturing, and possibly a healing process.

My Reiki path, healed my physical body, gave me insight, clarity and the strength to release unhealthy relationships with others and with parts of myself.  What are you waiting for?  Experience Reiki for yourself and perhaps you will share your story of healing.

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Can Reiki Heal You

  1. Simply and completely FANTASTIC!!! You put into simple words, what others have tried to explain in complicated novels. Much love to you Katie.


    1. Thank you Brett! I’m very glad the article came across that way. There are so many people that do not understand Reiki and therefore shy away from it.

      I appreciate your supportive words, they were a gift.

      Love & blessings to you.

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