Giving up my Airhead isn’t easy. That feeling when you’re out on your SUP board, paddling across the blue water, there is nothing that beats it. What makes standup paddleboarding even easier is using an inflatable paddleboard from Airhead SUP.  And now we’re giving it away!

I was sceptical about inflatables, unsure if they’d be firm enough to stand up on, let alone do yoga.  Unsure if they’d offer the same stability on moving water.  And worried about having to spend hours pumping it up on a hot beach.

Well, all concerns were put aside as soon as I unwrapped my beautiful new Airhead Fit 1032 iSUP that comes in a zippered mesh carry bag.  The Airhead Super High Pressure Air Pump is battery operated, and plugs directly into your car for quick and complete inflation.

AirHead SUP Fit1032 Paddleboard

Airhead logo

Airhead High Pressure Air Pump

Also available is the Airhead Super High Pressure Hand Pump which is equally great and works fast to complete the job if needed.

With my paddle in hand, and the Airhead SUP Crunchy Board Leash connecting me to my board I was off.

The lake was pristine that day, flat as glass and blue as the Caribbean.  With the warmth of the sunshine bouncing off my shoulders I knew I needed to do some yoga.

This board held up to tonnes of fitness fun. It was completely stable as I moved between asanas.  The length and width of the Airhead Fit 1032 iSUP allows for a complete Surya Namaskar.

Extending into a full plank was a piece of cake, with plenty of room to move around on this 10’6” x 32”board. And when the board is inflated to its optimal level, you have full and complete stability, allowing you to focus on your poses and yourself.  The top of the board is perfectly designed with a built-in traction pad to inhibit slippage, and feels super secure beneath your feet.

The durability and portability of Airhead inflatable SUP boards make them a gift to paddleboarders everywhere.  Imagine summer road trips with your paddleboard tucked neatly in the trunk of your car.  Imagine flying to the Bahamas with your SUP in your suitcase. Imagine walking down the road to the beach for a SUP session with friends.  At only 27 lbs. this board is light enough for travel fun anywhere your adventurous heart desires.

A rugged Canadian beach perfect for Supping

We all tried out the board before we let our fitness model get out there, and what a great day we had, out in the sunshine on a rugged Canadian beach.  In fact, there were a few skirmishes, and we had to time our usage in order to keep things fair – hashtag grown women acting like airheads.

And guess who got the most paddle time out there on our Airhead.

The Airhead Fit 1032 iSUP is definitely a board to fight over.  It glides along waterways for touring, is great for relaxing with the anchor in place, and handles our fitness adventures adeptly.  The hardest part is letting it go, but we want you to experience the joy of being out there on your very own Airhead standup paddleboard.

Girl fun
Photo: Cristina Ortega

So we are giving away this very board and all the accessories that come with it to one lucky reader.

Your Prize Package Includes:

AirHead SUP Giveaway

Airhead Fit 1032 iSUP (Inflatable Paddleboard)

Airhead Super High Pressure Air Pump

Airhead Super High Pressure Hand Pump

Airhead SUP Crunchy Board Leash

Airhead SUP Anchor Kit

Airhead Fibreglass SUP Paddle

The total value of this prize package is US $1,488.96 and it could be yours absolutely free thanks to the generosity of Airhead SUP!

The Giveaway is now Closed.

The Winner is:

Andy Waters


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Giving up our Airhead SUP isn’t Easy

  1. I love to kayak.. but would love to give paddle boarding a try. Great giveaway

    1. I enjoy boating and would love to try paddleboarding! Thanks for the chance at this great prize!

  2. I love just about any activity on and in the water. I’ve been dreaming about owning a paddle board!! This one looks amazing and so easy to transport. I guess if I had to pick a favourite water activity it would be swimming. It’s about as close as I can get to and in the water. My goal is to eventually live directly on a lake front or beach. I can think of nothing better than waking up next to the water, swimming daily and having sun downers watching the sunset over the water.

  3. I love the water! Kayaking is one of my favourite water activities! I am a yoga instructor and wound love to have my own SUP board to practice yoga on the water!??

  4. Paddle boarding is my favorite place to be… It’s calming and challenging….

  5. I shared on Pinterest /

  6. Swimming. I’m like a mermaid. I love to be in and under the water.

  7. My favorite is kayaking. But I’ve taken a few SUP yoga classes and fell in love ❤️?

  8. I enjoy water skiing, water tubing and canoeing. Don’t have a SUP board but would soOoo love to win and include this too!! ? Thanks for the chance!! Such an awesome giveaway!!

  9. When I’m not working I love to practice and teach SUP Yoga in Channel Islands Harbor, CA. I absolutely love taking my dog out on the water on the SUP with me too for a peaceful paddle, bature therapy, and bonding time with my fur baby. ❤️

  10. My husband and our 2 daughters absolutely love being in the water! Our favorite activity is swimming and kayaking, we would love to try other things!

  11. Love inflatables for taking on our boat to the islands. So much safer than tying up the large bulky ones to our bow.

  12. My favorite activity on the water wow that is hard. anything to do with water i find soothing and relaxing. Look at these all the time with a wish to own my own. wow what a relaxing enjoyable time it would be.

  13. I love being in the water, doesnt matter if its swimming, water skiing, tubing..I love it all!
    Luckily there is beautiful lakes & beaches where I live so I am looking forward to a great summer in the water!
    Shared FB- Leslie Crosbie
    Twitter @lncLESLIE
    Pinterest- crosbie0882 G+ Leslie Crosbie
    Also via email to multiple friends
    Thank you for a chance to win this great prize!!

  14. I love Kayaking, and my family loves going tubing.. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  15. My favourite water related activity is swimming!!!! I love being on the water! There is something about it that is so relaxing!!!

  16. My favourite watersport is SUP (it is great to practice yoga on!) but unfortunately its very expensive so I have to be happy with summer kayaking. Having just moved from Canada to USA’s outdoor recreational mecca and not having income there’ll be no SUPping for me this summer…unless I win this board. I would be totally ecstatic if I won!! 🙂

  17. Kayaking is for me. I have been paddle-boarding and enjoy that also. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. My favorite water related activity is going out in a canoe by myself in the early morning just listening to the sounds of the area.

  19. That’s a tough one! Love so many but if I have to pick just one, it’s scuba diving!

  20. We live in AZ so we live in the water in the summer, love anything in the water!

  21. I really love swimming, it feels meditative. Moving under the water getting lost. Id love to try yoga on a paddleboard though! Lmao

  22. I love kayaking, but would really love to give paddleboarding a try too!

  23. Snorkeling and swimming- preferably in the Caribbean- retired- with a ton of money :). Well, one can dream!

  24. i love to play in the water with the kids, any activity and when I can I go fishing.

  25. My waterkids would soOoo love this too! Always wanted a SUP and this would be a perfect addition to add to our water activities. Crossing fingers and toes..? Thanks for the chance.

  26. I love to swim and enjoy surfing as well. I tried sup boarding on a waves ocean day but it was hard. It would be great to do in a lake

  27. Kayaking on the St Lawrence River. (Only because I don’t have a SUP yet)

  28. i like to fish,but this looks super cool..hope it’s allowed on the red river

  29. Summers on the Bay of Fundy… I like to swim (yes, its cold) and I like to go boating. This would be a fun new activity for me and the family.

  30. Anything is better on water. I enjoy fishing, kayaking, and just relaxing on the water.

  31. I absolutely love to kayak! It is a challenging water sport, yet incredibly fun. I especially enjoy kayaking along rivers and with friends. Paddleboarding is very interesting, I would love to try it!

  32. My favorite water activity is canoing or kayaking. The paddle board looks like it would be a lot of fun.

  33. always love to be near the water especially in the summer when it’s hot and sunny out!

  34. Love to go Kayaking and fishing on the Folly River outside of Charleston, SC

  35. My favorite water related activity that I have tried is kayaking. However, I really want to try surfing

  36. Swimming is my fave water activity , but I was saying to my friend how badly I want to try paddle boarding when we go down to the Caribbean , looks so fun !

  37. My favourite water related activity is probably drinking it – I seem to do it all the time and my doctor always tells me how great I am at it. Other than that, I have been known to swim out on surf boards and then get thrown around in the subsequent waves that follow. Paddle Boarding sounds more my style. 🙂

  38. Swimming and paddle-boating. I only say that because I’m too scared to try my BF’s paddleboard because I don’t want to pop it! If I have my own I could learn with my own board without being scared of damaging it!

  39. I love SUPing here in Tennessee but only have one problem… I don’t own a SUP!

  40. Fishing is my favorite my daughter loves to kayak and would love this paddleboard

  41. Oh geez – normally just lieing on an inflatable, watching the shore rush by. Better if I have friends and fam to keep me company, with maybe an adult beverage to enjoy as I do. 🙂

    I shared on TW, FB, Pinterest, and G+, and also followed you on twitter and subscribed <3

  42. i love swimming! i live steps from one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, and I spend a lot of my summer in it! A paddleboard would be a great new way to get out on the water!

  43. My favourite sport is snorkelling but the more I try SUP, the more I think it could soon be #1.
    Fingers crossed I’ll be able to more of it soon.

  44. I am all about getting out on the lake kayaking. I know I would love paddle boating just as much.

  45. I was born in the maritime and love everything to do with the water. So far my favourite activity is simply swimming but I would like to get into paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking.

  46. I love to swim , but getting out on the open water in a boat or on a jet ski , love it

  47. I Absolutely LOVE swimming and snorkelling! I always wanted to have my own SUP to go paddle boarding and so I would love to win this!

  48. The only water activity that I’m really interested in is swimming.

  49. My favorite water activities are; kayak, canoeing, motorboating and tubing. Shared on twitter @jujumyvegas


  51. I love to just float and let the curretn take me whereever. Then swim back!

  52. My favorite water activity is to swim from pole to pole in Lake Michigan at the state park.

  53. My favorite water related activity would be Wake Boarding for sure.

    Shared Via Twitter @RyanFrohlich

  54. Shared on Facebook. I love to go fishing, but my favorite activity is watching our grandchildren surf and paddleboard.

  55. My favorite activity is swimming 🙂 I love to swim Like and shared on facebook 🙂 This looks like lots of fun

  56. My favorite activity would definately be swimming. Thanks for the chance!

  57. I tried paddle boarding last summer and it was amazing! I plan to do it a lot more this year. It would be great if I had my own board 🙂

  58. I love any water related activity, especially swimming. Would love to try paddleboarding!!!

  59. There are so many water sports but I guess swimming would be my favorite as I have been swimming almost as long as I remember.

  60. i love floating in a blowup boat with a Smirnoff Ice by my side 🙂 summer fun !!!

  61. My favorite is body surfing in the ocean. It requires a certain type of wave for best results, but when it happens, it feels like flying.

  62. I love paddleboating with my husband, but tried SUP once before, and loved it almost as much!

  63. I love going wakeboarding!! nothing like it.

    shared on twitter under @groogruxking40

    and I already like you on Facebook.

  64. I really enjoy being on a pontoon boat and just relaxing on deck and enjoying the scenery.

  65. I love fishing, floating and skiing and most of all canoeing….love the water

  66. Actually, it is paddleboarding! I’d love to win this board so my husband can join me.

  67. I love being in the water but have not been exposed to many water activities where I am. I went on a boat when I was a little girl and we went swimming in the middle of the river and I LOVED it.

  68. Waterskiing and cruising in the boat. Jumping off it in the middle of the lake on a hot summer’s day

  69. Holy Batman, my fave: swimming. Free. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. 🙁 Starving artist here desperately needs the prize boat to have fun and feel alive and inspired again. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity.

  70. My favourite water-related activity is canoeing! Me and my sister rented one and we had a great time! 🙂

  71. While there are many water-related activities I enjoy I think my favorite out of them all is kayaking. There’s nothing like getting in your kayak and gliding across that water, especially if you get up early enough that it’s silent and still. Thank you for this AMAZING opportunity!

  72. I liked water skiing til I broke my ankle and so can no longer do this because of potential breaking again. Now I love to kayak.

  73. I liked / shared on FB page as I couldn’t figure out how to share from here

  74. anything active.. something like kayaking.. fishing is boring but i heard it’s food

  75. I feel in love with paddleboarding last winter when I tried it for the first time in Key West. It’s now my favorite water activity!

  76. River rafting is my all time favorite!To be honest i like all water activities i should have been a fish

  77. I enjoy my own SUP board and bought one for my son…but it is so heavy! A blow up would be perfect!

  78. We like to float around the shore line of small lakes taking photos w an electric motor on our rubber dinghy

    1. My family lives at the lake during the summer months and we love everything from tubing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking. I haven’t been lucky enough to try a paddleboard, but it really looks fun !!!!

  79. Living in FL almost my whole life I almost live either at the beach, the river, the lakes or the numerous springs that we have. I love to swim, float or go boating any chance that I have

  80. We love kayaking,tubing,boating,swimming,jet skiing,really anything water related!

  81. I am SERIOUSLY so so excited about this give away!!!! I am looking daily, several times a day, at paddle boards, and I can’t even tell you how exponentially excited I would be to win this one!!! I have my life belt, and life jacket for Lady Bonnie, a wheeled cart if I need it to get the board to the water, (probably not since an inflatable), a water proof cam, and will use, use, and USE this board! And I will feature it repeatedly on my blog, and social media!! PICK ME!!!! Please? Pretty, pretty please? PPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEEE!!

    Thanks for the chance!

  82. I have tried almost all water sports possible but this would be a first.Looks like tons of work and an amazing workout at the same time.Would love to try this fun experience for the first time.Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway,and the chance to try something new.

  83. Honestly it’s so basic, but I really just love swimming. I’ve tried canoeing, kayaking, tubing, but nothing to me is as nice as just floating around on your own. Water baby since birth I suppose haha.

  84. I would love to try paddle boarding! It always looks like so much fun, but I don’t have a paddle board. My favorite activity however is snorkeling!

  85. Swimming in the pool, in a lake, at the beach or down the river is my favorite water activity.

  86. I absolute love surfing, but I’m super stoked to try my talents out at Paddle boarding!?

  87. After trying stand up paddleboarding recently it has become my favourite water sport. The wonderful core workout provided by the sport along with being out on the water is such a great combination.


  89. Swimming would be my fave activity but hoping Standup Waterboarding will soon be my new #1. 🙂

  90. swimming, boating, but we recently discovered paddle boarding and love it!

  91. Kayaking is my favourite but that may quickly change if I win a paddleboard!!! Good luck to all and thanks for the chance!

  92. liked on facebook (janine alton)
    tweeted on twitter (@tofeelalive)

    thanks for the chance such an awesome giveaway!!!!

  93. My favourite water related activity is boating and exploring new places, like the locks in Lakefield

  94. Growing up on the Ocean and than moving to the city for a big girl job was the hardest thing. When I have the chance to escapes the inner city, I always try to run away to the ocean, the sounds of the waves and the feel of the sun on your skin and scent of the ocean with the taste of the salt. I miss being able to take an evening surf on Martinique Beach and watching the sun set fall below the waves.

  95. Well, waterskiing is my favourite watersport, but I have been wanting to try this.

  96. My current favorite water activity is wake boarding but I have a feeling that may change. I can’t wait to try an Airhead SUP Paddleboard it looks like so much fun and such a great exercise tool.

  97. I love swiming on the Mediterranean Sea ? But my dream is practice yoga on the sup! This is a great opportunity ! Thank you ?

  98. Practicing yoga on a sup board is like having your very own little island to retreat too. As you get distance on all cares and concerns what comes with the space, the time on the ocean breathing salty healing air allows you to upgrade your perfection, tune in and connect with a higher vibration ? I drive a vw beetle and the only way I could be independently taking myself off to the lake daily for a perception upgrade would be on a perfect air sup … Good luck abundance is loaded with this comment..

  99. Shared on Twitter + Pinterest 🙂
    My family and I love all types of water sports and this would be totally awesome to win so we can add it!! Crossing yogi fingers and toes!! Thanks for the chance!!????

  100. Last summer I fell in love with paddleboarding and especially practising yoga on the SUP! Easily my favourite water activity.

  101. My favorite water activities are swimming, canoeing and body surfing big waves!!

  102. I liked on Facebook..user name..ali gibbs
    I also followed on Instagram ( @gibb.alison ) and YouTube (alison gibb) and subscribed via [email protected]

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway!!

  103. I like being on the water and always looking for new ideas this would be wonderful.

  104. My face water activity is SUP and I would love my own!!!
    @KCsweetTweets (Twitter entry)

  105. I love kayaking. Just did it for the first time last year and I am hooked. Paddleboard is something I would love to try.

  106. I like aqua zumba and paddleboarding. Thanks for the opportunity to win this prize

  107. After thinking it over, my favorite water activity is bathing in calm fresh water! There’s no better feeling than shavasana on the water!

  108. I enjoy just laying back and enjoying the water, I have never really had the opportunity to try too many water activities as an adult. It has been about 18 years since I have been on a boat.

  109. I love water aerobics, swimming, paddleboard and I would love to try water yoga!

  110. I love surfing. My father taught me how to when i was 12 years old. Im 35 now and i still go. He passed some time ago. I still go out and think of him all the time. Today is fathers day..its a rough one this year.

  111. If I had to pick one thing it would probably be boogie boarding. I love the feeling of riding a wave and the beach that continues to draw me has amazing waves almost all year. It is one of my favorite places to watch the sunset.

  112. In the past it was swimming but this year I want to try paddleboarding and kayaking!

  113. Surfing is my favorite water related activity. I also love to take my dogs out in the kayak.

  114. I love to kayak, but have recently tried stand up paddle boarding at a rental place, I love it!

  115. I’d have to say my favorite water related activity is water skiing…although canoeing and paddle boarding are right up there too!

  116. My favorite Water activity right now is aqualaties! Thanks for the giveaway, keep up the good work!

  117. i love to kayak or large water canoe in whitewater.. but this looks awesome and fun as well!

  118. What a fantastic giveaway. I love to SUP. It is totally my fav water activity. Never tried an inflatable before would love to win this!

  119. Swimming and surfing are my favourite water-related activities. But, I’d love to get in to stand up paddle boarding – especially now that I’m in land-locked Calgary. 🙂

  120. I love kayaking so I find paddleboarding very intriguing and would love to try

  121. Fishing would be my favorite water-related activity, and aside from that, I like to just go out to the middle of a lake on my boat. The peace and quiet is unmatched.

  122. My favorite water activity is swimming..swimming and more swimming. Liked and shared.

  123. I like a lot of water activities but snorkeling is my go-to. Always interesting looking for like in the ocean.

  124. I actually love paddle boarding but without a car I cant get a paddle board to a lake unless of course I win an inflatable one

  125. I love the water!! I love surfing and swimming! I love kayaking and fishing!! I love anything on the water, in the water, etc. It calms me!! Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway!!! So excited!!

  126. I love canoeing and kayaking on the river close to where I live but I would love to try paddle boarding!

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