There are times in our lives when we know we need to move on.   A constricting relationship, an unfulfilling job, a bad habit that no longer serves us, must be left behind.  We are human though, and we are a stubborn breed.  We get so comfortable in our discomfort.  If we are lucky one day we will break, because as I already stated, we are human, and sometimes we have to break before we allow ourselves the honor of picking up the pieces.  The good thing is we get to only pick up the pieces we want to pick up.

Sometimes a situation forces us to let go.  Through divorce, or employment termination, or our best friend moving on without us. I read something once that said, “Forget yesterday, it’s already forgotten you.” What a harsh truth! But it is true, and yet we keep looking back, holding on to what was.  We sit in our pain and hold on to our memories as if our sadness and grief honors the past.  Thinking that if we allow ourselves to be happy it means we have forgotten.  And as if holding on to the pain makes a statement to the Universe that we still have a connection to what was.  I promise you however, whatever you are holding on to is the exact thing that is holding you back.

I have no doubt someone reading this will know exactly what I am talking about.  That energetic stab in your gut, or in your heart. You know what I mean.  If you are that one person right now, I promise you, you are going to be okay.  Just breathe.

Again, at the risk of repeating myself, we are human.  We are meant to feel.  So, feel your feels, but let them flow through you. Allow those feelings to come, and then let them go. Feel all of it and release them just like your breath. If you are replaying the same painful loop over and over mentally or emotionally, even if you are going through the physical motions of moving on then you are not thriving. You get up every day.  You get dressed. You complete your tasks, accomplish your responsibilities, and do what you HAVE to do, but if you are still feeling that heaviness churning inside of you. You are not thriving, you are merely surviving, and that is not why you are still here, still breathing.

We all need hope, something to believe in. Maybe we have to create our own hope.   Why not believe in these words you are reading right now.  In this random article the universe just “happened” to place in front of you. Believe me when I say. “I believe in you.” I don’t have to know you to know what you are capable of, because we are all made from the same Universal life-spark. And you are capable of overcoming “this.” Whatever “this,” may be to your unique situation.

Keep breathing. Come back to the closest thing to you, the sound of your own breath. Close your eyes, slow your breathing, and deepen it.  Feel the rise and fall not only of your chest but of your abdomen.  That’s right, breathe all the way down to the pit of your stomach. Let your breath fill you so completely that there is no room for toxins, for negativity, for sadness, for longing, for that deep painful ache.  Let that healing breath clear out that pain.  Allow it to pass.  Release it.  Your breath is your reminder that you are living.  That you are connected to something bigger than you, and even bigger than your pain.

When you feel the sadness creeping back in, bring yourself right back to this moment and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not alone.  Not now, not ever.  Your thoughts are the only thing disconnecting you from moving forward.  Your thoughts of being left behind, being not good enough, being unnoticed, unacknowledged, unappreciated, maybe even unloved.

It’s time to disassemble those thoughts, and pick up the pieces of who you are at your essence. You are a divine being, a spark of the Universe, and you have a right to be happy again.  You also have an obligation to your future self to allow yourself to be.

Let go.  Once you untether yourself from your own despairing thoughts will you once again see the infinite possibilities of the life that is waiting for you. Believe it. Create it. Experience it. Just breathe into it, one moment at a time.

You have more power inside of you than you give yourself credit for.

Happiness isn’t just for other people, it is for you as well and it is right in front of you, you just have to breathe and believe you are worth it.  Don’t let the past or anyone outside of you determine your self-worth or your happiness.  Don’t give up on YOU.  I won’t.  I believe in you.

Just let go.  “Forget yesterday, it’s already forgotten you.” And that’s OK!

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Letting Go To Find Happiness

  1. Wow! What a wonderful article and received at the perfect time! Thank you Katie for sharing this precious insight.


  2. Tim – I’m so glad you liked it – and it helped you ……….. Thank you for your sweet words ………. Katie

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