One of my favorite quotes is, “The day you decide that you are more interested in being aware of your thoughts than you are in the thoughts themselves, that is the day you will find your way out.”  I don’t know where it originated from so I don’t know who to give credit to for it.  All I know is that the first time I read it, I really didn’t understand it.  It just felt good reading it.  I knew it meant something!  It wasn’t until quite a long time later as I continued onward in my Reiki path and my own spiritual journey, when personal intuition became deeper, that I understood the full power behind those empowering words.

There are those hidden reasons as to why we feel something is the core root of how our thoughts create distress within us, but we have to be willing to honestly look inside for the answers.

Sometimes we get mad at someone, for something they have done or perhaps not done.  Sometimes that anger is simply displaced sadness.  More often than not, the person hasn’t done anything to us, but we are so accustomed to taking life personally that we choose to perceive their actions or non-actions as a personal act, against us.   We limit ourselves with thoughts like:  thinking about someone and feeling “I’m mad at you.” A more empowering approach would be, “I realize when I think about you I feel angry, what is this anger really about?”

When we can come to a place of being aware of our thoughts, AND being aware of the emotions that created them, instead of allowing the thoughts to simply control our emotions, we can see how the truth may very well be, simply that we are sad that the other person is acting in a way we don’t want them to. Or perhaps not acting in a way we wish they would.  And we don’t understand.  We only know how we are allowing ourselves to feel.  And please note, I said “allowing ourselves to feel”, not “how they are making us feel”.   I don’t believe that there are really people in this world that wake up every morning with the sole intent on figuring out what they can do or not do to anger or harm us, nor do I believe anyone has the power over us to “make” us feel anything.

Reiki and Empowered Thinking Create a Path to Healing
Photo: Katie Comello

We just perhaps wish things were different, and perhaps we project onto them how WE would act.  Which creates a judgment against them for not behaving how we think we would. We cannot expect others to behave how we would. The world is not meant to revolve around our expectations, and we set others up to fail by placing our expectations onto them.   It’s easier to feel anger than it is to feel sadness.  Anger allows us to point a finger at someone or something outside of ourselves, a place to lay blame.  It’s ok to be sad when things change in our lives that we were not emotionally ready for.  It’s just not healthy to stay there.  Life is not meant to be taken personally.   All we do is create harm within our bodies and our lives, when we do so.

We become so accustomed to the distress we create within ourselves, that we become unaware that it even exists.   Our life-force becomes dull, we are tired daily, maybe develop reoccurring headaches or catch one cold after another, perhaps random body aches crop up.  We create an existence that prohibits us from not even realizing just how good we do NOT feel.  Our bodies are trying to get our attention with these blocked energy distress signals.  We may never understand the actions or inactions of others, but perhaps it’s just not for us to understand.  What we are responsible for is 100% ourselves, only.  Being mindful of how we respond to life is the key to health and happiness. When we continue to go thru our days oblivious of the subtle hints our bodies give us, we are acting irresponsibly. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to be aware?

It’s these very examples of how our bodies create discomfort and distress which can manifest into disease if we continue to remain unaware of our limiting thoughts.  However, being mindful of these thoughts gives us a tool to transform them.  Our bodies are truly amazing creations that do know how to heal themselves.  There is no denying that once an illness or injury occurs and gets our attention, and we tend to it, we create a space for healing.  Cuts and scrapes grow new skin, bones do fuse back together, a serious and chronic pain seems to magically disappear one day.

It is never a Reiki Practitioners job, responsibility, or even goal, to tell you how to think or how to feel, ever!  It is however the desire of the Practitioner to facilitate the creation of peaceful, open space within you, which may open a doorway for you, yourself to reach the understanding of the deeper issues behind your current thoughts and emotions.  When we reach that place together, when you feel safe in exploring the truth of your emotions, you begin to see how you can work thru them, and release them.  A Reiki session can dislodge the already blocked flow of energy within your body, enabling it to return to its natural state of peace and serenity, creating the fertile groundwork for healing to sprout from.

Of course, I am only speaking from my own experiences.

Reiki and Shifted Thinking Create a Path to Healing

I therefore encourage you to have your own Reiki experience.  Find your own way out, out of imbalance that is. And into the health of body, mind, spirit, heart, that you were created for and deserve to have. This is your pathway to healing.

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Reiki and Empowered Thinking Create a Path to Healing

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