Standing Back Bend is a good beginner yoga pose that helps increase flexibility and balance, and prepares the body for more advanced poses.  The first pose in the Surya Namaskar flow, Anutvittasana is a centering and preparatory yoga pose that balances the energy flow in mind and body, and offers a great sense of freedom.

Whether your palms are folded together high above you, or your arms fly out like wings beside you, Standing Back Bend brings a sense of wholeness and freedom.  It allows you to dive deeper into your spirit and emerge refreshed.

Anutvittasana Standing Back Bend by LeslieStorms
Photo: Leslie Storms

Doing it in on your SUP board or in nature brings further fulfillment.  Yogi Leslie Storms agrees. “There is something special about doing Standing Back Bend in nature.  It sounds cheesy, but I love the feeling it offers.  It is the closest feeling of experiencing infinity to me (unless we are speaking about meditation.)  When I attempt a Standing Back Bend outside, there is no specific place to gaze, therefore it requires trust in the body, in the universe and in oneself. It feels as if I am falling from the sky.”

 Anutvittasana Standing Back Bend by Nikki_Possibilites
Photo: Nikki_Possibilities

Yogi Nikki concurs, “I love this pose and the trust you have to have not only in your own strength, but in your willingness to open your heart and surrender.  Such sweet rewards when you move slow and believe.”

Take a chance.  Spread your wings and fly into Anuvittasana and feel the freedom.

Day 10 - Anutvittasana Standing Back Bend by CollectiveYoga

As with any exercise program you must know yourself and understand your own health before attempting.

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