There are 2 preventable and potentially devastating reasons that people use to justify the fact they aren’t taking the action that’s needed to realize the great physical results they want to experience. The first one is called procrastination. When people procrastinate, they normally have a list of excuses as to why they aren’t acting in a productive manner. They feel that those excuses are legitimate and try to live guilt free. Maybe they are legitimate excuses, yet they are still excuses!

From the way I see it, the only way a person can’t start to take small but consistent steps of action to slay stubborn fat is if they’re in a grave!  We all have the same amount of time in a day and it’s up to us in terms of how we use that time.  There are no dress rehearsals in life, so we should all strive to use our time as wisely as possible.

The second preventable and potentially devastating reason is called giving up.  By giving up there is absolutely no hope for a person to realize their fat loss goals and the only thing they can do from there is dream about what could’ve been, and deal with the regret and painful consequences to follow.

It’s obvious that you haven’t given up since you’re reading my words right now. Therefore, we’ll focus on the three biggest excuses people use to cover up procrastination.

Identify all the excuses you’ve used in the past and present causing you to avoid taking the appropriate steps of action so you can slay that unwanted stubborn fat. Remember, that these excuses are all a form of procrastination. Afterwards, remind yourself how you were affected by using those excuses instead of working towards your fat loss goals. Lastly, I’ll provide a few tips that will help you to eliminate each excuse.

1.Excuses Related to Time

The 3 Excuses you use for staying fat - Excuse 1

Example of An Excuse Related to Time: I told myself in the past that I didn’t have the time to exercise. With the kids, work and my other responsibilities it seemed impossible to take the time to look after myself. 

Example of How I Was and Will Continue to Be Affected by Using That Excuse: By using that time-related excuse I missed out on 2 years of my life when I could’ve been healthier while feeling better about myself. If I continue to use that excuse, I’ll gain more body fat and will lose extra energy as a result.

Tips from Rich: Ask yourself how you can afford not to have the time! Making the time to exercise should be near the top of your list of priorities since your body is your most precious possession. It’s a possession that you’ll never be able to replace. By taking the appropriate action steps to improve your health and slay stubborn fat, you’ll gain energy and will become more efficient in the day and as a result, get more done!

Look at your calendar and block off all the times when you’re booked up with usual responsibilities. Now fit in three, 20 minute time slots for your weight training and cardiovascular workouts on alternate days of the week, or even on the same days if you wish.

If you can’t find the time for exercise then you’ll need to cancel something else that isn’t as high a priority.

Also, I’d encourage you to workout in the comfort of your own home, since this is more convenient than training at a gym. Make sure to schedule in your workouts ahead of time so you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you already fit them into your schedule.

2. Excuses Related to Money

The 3 Excuses you use for staying fat - Excuse 2

Example of An Excuse Related to Money: Currently, I don’t have much money to buy a gym membership and the food I need in order to lose fat. I can’t look after myself since I need to look after my family first.

Example of How I Was and Will Continue to be Affected by Using That Excuse: By using that money-related excuse I now can’t fit into my good clothes that I used to wear. If I continue to blame my lack of activity and proper nutrition on a lack of funds, then I’ll gain more fat and won’t feel as good about myself. Not only that, but I won’t have the energy needed to take care of my family.

Tips from Rich: If you can’t afford to purchase a gym membership, then I suggest looking for ways to fit it into your budget. If you’re looking to purchase in-home workout equipment, simply think of all the ways in which you can save money during the month. You can cut down on going out to eat, coffees, smoking etc. Keep cutting out unnecessary expenses until you can afford the tools that are needed so you can achieve your fat loss goals.

As far as eating the right food goes, this shouldn’t be a problem for you financially since good food normally doesn’t cost more than the unhealthy alternative. If it is a stretch, perhaps use moneysaving coupons to bridge the gap.

If you’re truly living on a shoestring budget then I encourage you to invest in a reasonably priced set of free weights, a bench and a stability ball that should come with a one-time cost of $200 dollars, or less. With this inexpensive option, you won’t need to buy a gym membership or more expensive in-home workout equipment and can still take the action that’s needed to get great results from your exercise plan.

3. Excuses Related to Energy


The 3 Excuses you use for staying fat - Excuse 3

Example of An Excuse Related to A Lack of Energy: At this time in my life, I don’t have the energy to exercise due to my hectic work schedule. 

Example of How I Was and Will Continue to be Affected By Using that Excuse: By using that lack of energy-related excuse I haven’t gained energy in the day and it’s only gotten worse. If I continue to use that excuse then I fear that I’ll become heavier and my performance will suffer as a result.

Tips from Rich: If you have a lack of energy, then realize that there’s a reason for that. Could it be possible that you have low energy because there’s not enough activity in your life? A more active body is a more energetic one! The new activities that your body isn’t used to will force you to become stronger and fitter. Everyday activities will become easier as a result.

Great job!

Hopefully you’ve now decided to eliminate any excuses that you’ve been using to avoid exercise and healthy eating. After standing up to your own excuses and dismissing them, you’re now free to take the small but consistent steps of action that will slay the stubborn fat all over your body!

How can you ensure that you’ll continue to take the correct steps of action on a regular basis? The answers lie in the next step towards creating your new body, with no excuses!

The above is an excerpt from Rich Tweten’s book PFL90 – The Ulitmate Psychologically Based Fat Loss Plan.  You can connect with Rich and get his book at

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