We’ve all heard that old adage, Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.  Well here’s a chance to get those abs right in your own kitchen with This Wholesome Life.

Healthy eating doesn’t have anything to do with radical dieting or magical weight loss tricks. And it has little to do with constantly depriving yourself of food you love. If you are sick and tired of eating “healthy recipes” which are tasteless and not satisfying, then keep reading.

This Wholesome Life by Claudia Gruber - Giveaway

I’ve crafted up some of the most deliciously simple recipes that are not only good for you but make your taste buds go wild!

My new ebook, This Wholesome Life, is all about loving yourself, loving your body, and especially loving food. We all love food, trust me.  The book includes 23 of my most loved healthy eating recipes and does not include any crazy ingredients that you can’t find in your go-to supermarket. The recipes are created with simple, healthy ingredients that when combined in the right combination make for one hell of a tasty meal.

This Wholesome Life by Claudia Gruber - Giveaway
Getting back on track to a healthier diet has never been easier. All of my recipes are created by me, in my own kitchen and with lots of love and passion, because I love food as much as you do.

Living a wholesome healthy life doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t matter if you are new to healthy eating, or if you are someone who just needs some cooking inspiration. The recipes in this ebook will convince you that a balanced diet is anything but boring.

This Wholesome Life by Claudia Gruber - Giveaway

I’m giving away 3 copies of my brand new ebook, This Wholesome Life, because I want you to live a happy, healthy, wholesome life.  Through my book, you´ll learn how to listen to your body, discover how to stop dieting, and how to reconnect with healthy eating.  Most importantly you’ll begin to have a good relationship with your food.

This Wholesome Life by Claudia Gruber - Giveaway

Topics in my ebook include:

What does a healthy diet look like?

Bio individuality

Letting go of labels

What is real food/ whole foods?

Quality of food

Mindful eating

Getting creative in the kitchen

23 easy and healthy recipes

Ready to make your abs in your kitchen?

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The Winners of the Giveaway are:

Charles Goode

Sophie Wheeler

Meghan Berdelle

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This Wholesome Life Makes Abs in the Kitchen

  1. Fruit Fruit Fruit !! I could drink banana nice-cream smoothies all day 😀

  2. Gallons of fresh salads and bushels of strawberries are my fav, especially with summer coming!

  3. I love radishes and carrots fresh out of the garden. Lately I’ve been really into beets.

  4. I can’t ever seem to get enough blueberries! They’re my absolute favorite!

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