Reiki is an energy.  A pathway to wellness.  Reiki is not harmful to anyone, nor can you get an overdose of Reiki.  As gentle as Reiki energy is however, the effects are not for the weak of spirit or faint of heart.

The energy of the Reiki itself, is beneficial for everyone. The young, the elderly, those with two legs, or four, and everyone in between can experience the benefits of Reiki.  Sometimes however the issues that come up in a Reiki session create residual effects for those who may not be entirely ready.  That is not a judgement, only you can say what you are ready for.

Our own nature leads us to stay where we are familiar, in our own comfort zones, even if that is somewhere that we are no longer thriving.

Let me give you a few examples, a client came to me for Reiki.  They came from a very strong religious background, one they had personally outgrown and cast aside.  However layers of their personal religious beliefs still had a hold on them, and they seemed to be struggling with it. Part of that was reflected in the lifestyle they were living, although they were happy, there was underlying guilt.

This client had come to me weekly for a few months.  The sessions were peeling away layers of hidden emotions.  One morning on a session day, they awoke from a dream that a demon was holding them down.  It was a very vivid dream.  When they came in for their Reiki session, they told me that they could not come back, because the dream had been so real.  They understood it as a sign that they were dabbling in something that they should not be dabbling in.  Meaning, some feel that Reiki is frowned upon by some religions.  The client’s interpretation was that God was saying, “This is devil’s work.”

Reiki is actually not affiliated with, nor against any religion.  And it doesn’t matter whether or not you belong to a specific religion, or any religion, or even whether or not you believe in any God.  Regardless of what God you call upon to receive spiritual benefits, Reiki has no negative impact on that relationship.

Dreams however are tricky.  Perhaps when we dream we could be playing various roles in the dream, trying to work out a situation within our minds in which we are battling with ourselves. Perhaps this client was not only being held down, but they were also the “demon” doing the holding.  Holding on to their imposed religious rules and not being able to fully cut the cord created an internal struggle revealed through the dream.  Were they themselves holding their own self back from living freely within their own life?

Quote - It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not

I’ve had other clients that came regularly until they had a very emotional session. They then disappeared at least for a little while remaining stuck in a place with physical and emotional symptoms that got kicked up during a session. Most of these clients eventually return when they are ready to continue on their path. Some however never recover when they get to that place where they uncover some hard to face emotions.  And they decide being right where they are is good enough. And of course it is!  If that is what they decide, then they are exactly where they need to be.

If however they can conquer those very deep, scary, uncomfortable moments and walk through them, they are truly on a path to healing.

We all get to decide.  Stay in our familiar discomfort, or discover a life in which we thrive. Stay in our pain because at least we know what to expect every single day, or create a pain-free life filled with peaceful moments.  Live a life of illness, dis-comfort and dis-ease, or create a new healthy us.

Yup, Reiki is not for everyone.  Is it for you?  You decide.

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Reiki is Not for Everyone

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