According to Dr. Mark Davis, Professor of Nutritional Physiology at the University of South Carolina, “Quercetin could be one of the most important discoveries in nutrition.”  Found naturally in blueberries, onions, apples and red wine, this nutrient includes “powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, as well as the ability to boost the immune system and increase mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) in muscle and brain is great news for those who often think that they’re too tired to exercise,” Davis said.

In a study partially funded by the U.S. Department of Defence, Dr. Davis, the lead author of the study found that participants who took quercetin for seven days had a 13.2 percent increase in endurance.  Participants were healthy and active, but none were athletes.

Dr. Davis goes on to say, “the fatigue-fighting and health properties of quercetin have implications not only for athletes and soldiers whose energy and performance are tested to the extreme, but also for average adults who battle fatigue and stress daily.”

Well and Company products and review

So where do we find quercetin? Revive Well and Wake Well, from Well and Company include patented formulas containing 99.5% pure quercetin.

Well and Company Wake Well Drink Review Article

Wake Well is a powdered drink mix with a delicious citrus flavour that includes quercetin, green tea and B-vitamins.  Sweetened with a combination of cane sugar and Stevia Leaf Extract, the formula is similar to a refreshing glass of lemonade, and packs a punch of flavonoids and anti-oxidants to kickstart your day.

Well and Company Product Supplemental Facts

In trying out this formula for ourselves 75% of us found we had more energy that lasted longer into the day.  A 7g package of Wake Well does contain 30mg of caffeine that comes from Green Tea and is less caffeine than the average cup of coffee.  And with one exception, we are all coffeeholics.  At only 25 calories the delicious drink is completely guilt free making this scientifically-based, patented formula a go-to morning drink with a lot less calories and more nutrition.  Will I give up my morning coffee?  Unlikely, but why not have Wake Well instead of that second cup.

Well and Company Embrace the Day Review Article

By the time you hit that afternoon wall instead of looking for a leftover danish in the lunchroom we dished out Well and Company’s Revive Well.  The scientifically formulated soft chews that taste a bit like a gummy candy, promise to provide your body with afternoon support to prevent crashings and cravings.”  And according to Well and Company, “align your powerful biochemistry to help you reenergize and focus to thrive through the afternoon.”

Revive Well by Well and Company Review

In trying out Revive Well for ourselves, we found that 60% of us felt more energized and were able to focus through the afternoon without reaching for more coffee or a chocolate bar.  Stella said that, “I left my work behind for the day and still felt energized enough in the evening to cook a big dinner and go for a walk. I actually wasn’t brain dead.”  A couple of us felt that the flavour was a bit strong, but “we’re not really candy lovers. We’re more into chocolate.”

Well and Company's Indulge Well Chocolate Snacks Review Article

So we gave them chocolate, Well and Company’s Indulge Well Chocolate.  These individually packaged 75% cocoa chocolate squares are as delicious as the pure chocolate your heart desires.  A proprietary blend of dark chocolate, flax seed oil, and turmeric provides anti-oxidant benefits while combating your cravings for something sweet, dark and delicious.  At only 70 calories, non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Dairy Free, these tempting squares are a guilt free indulgence that 100% percent of us absolutely loved.  In fact when the sampling was over, some came back for more.

Well and Company Rest Well and Wake Well Drinks Review

To completely embrace your day you need a good night’s sleep. Well and Company’s Rest Well is a honey lemon drink mix that includes botanical extracts of Passion Flower, Lemon Balm and Chamomile formulated with magnesium to “help the muscles relax, unwind and prepare for sleep.”

Well and Company Rest Well Information

Only two of us tried this drink and both found Rest Well to work as promised.  The citrus flavoured drink did provide a restful night’s sleep along with a refreshed feeling in the morning.  There was no grogginess upon waking and yes, “we were ready to embrace the day!”

Wake Well from Well and Company Review

Are you ready to embrace your day?

Through the generosity of Well and Company we are offering 3 lucky readers the opportunity to enjoy Wake Well, Rest Well and Indulge Well absolutely free.

Well and Company Giveaway Prize Package

Each Prize Package Includes:

1 Box of Wake Well (1 month supply – 30 packets)

1 Box of Rest Well (1 month supply -30 packets)

1 Bag of Indulge Well Chocolate (28 individually wrapped squares)

The Giveaway is now closed.  Thank you to all who entered.  The Winners are:

Amanda Surles

Pamela Michelle

Natasha Shepherd


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Wake Well and Embrace the Day with Quercetin

  1. I embrace the day by having a drink of water and lemon, taking a brisk walk around my father’s 35 acre property and then eating some oat groats and taking my morning vitamins! Your product sounds like something I would live to try!

  2. I embrace the day by saying a prayer before I get out of bed. One that sets the tone for how I want the day to go and asking for guidance and protection.

  3. I embrace my day with two cups of coffee and relaxation before I head off to work.

  4. I push myself to do yoga everyday. I have lupus so some days I just want to quit and cry in bed but instead I force myself to get up for 5 minutes, do some yoga and keep moving so i can keep moving ?

  5. I embrace my day by waking up early & making sure I put in 1 hour of exercise.

  6. I enjoy meditation to embrace the day! Thank you, I shared on Twitter with iceyninja 🙂

  7. I try to embrace each day when I think of loved ones who didn’t get another day to embrace. Life is short.

  8. I embrace my day by waking up with a run and ending it with a relaxing walk with my dog

  9. I embrace the day by taking joy in the little things. Making sure I see the good in the bad or routine

  10. I embrace the day by getting outside with my three children and making it great no matter what

  11. I embrace each day by waking up early after a good night’s sleep, striving for balance in all aspects of my life, learning something new, staying organized, meditating (with the wonderful app Headspace, and going for a jog during the evening.

    These products sound great. I’d love to try them 🙂

  12. I embrace my day by squeezing in a workout every day! At least 25 min and a walk in the evening.

  13. I embrace my day by doing the thing I love to do and enjoy it while doing it . shared on twitter

  14. I wake up early before the house wakes up and have me time to do anything I need or want to do!

  15. I embrace my day by making the best out of it. Ending my day with a relaxing bath, facial and manicure always makes me feel better.

  16. i embrace my day by getting up before the sunrise and getting things done! tony l smoaks on facebook, i shared on facebook and twitter

  17. I embrace the day with a cop of coffee and a good book on to read on my way to work

  18. OMG! Great giveaway 🙂 Thanks so much! Every morning I wake up and I embrace the day. I count my blessings, drink my green drink and I am ready for anything that may come my way! I thank my lucky stars for another beautiful day and I fully intend to use the next 24 hours to the best of my ability and use my heart as a compass.
    Shared on Twitter @pmaklifts
    Facebook username Pamela Michelle

  19. Embracing my day is the first step to acceptance of whatever my day will hold, sometimes it means I’m able to just get right up and get going, do some yoga stretches, take a shower, start to move with the rhythm of the day, take some quiet time to myself to set an intention I can keep coming back to. Other days when it’s harder I have to remind myself that my dreams won’t come true if I sleep through them. Walks are important too and part of my morning ritual, at some point a walk happens to get the blood flowing and my brain functioning. – And I’m super intrigued by these products and find that it’s the afternoon I struggle with the most and then I just have to get up and move, stretch, walk, do some stairs to get things going again.

  20. I embrace my day by making sure to sit snd have a cup of coffee with my sweetie before we both go on to our separate, busy days!?

  21. I embrace the day by making sure I get out in nature somehow, every day. Usually that means taking a walk in the evenings which helps me sleep better, but it also can be taking my daughters to the park and getting some fresh air.

  22. I embrace the day by taking at least 5 minutes to do something nice for myself.

  23. I take time to myself before I get ready each day to just think about what I want to accomplish.

  24. I embrace the day by seeing each morning as a new start. I look at what needs to be done and try my hardest to achieve as much as I can. I also make sure I smile at every opportunity – it’s free and it makes other people smile when you smile too.

  25. I embrace the day by taking every day as unique and exciting, whatever life has in store for me for that day, and I try to allocate at least 15 minutes for meditation/yoga to enjoy the benefits. And lots of herbal tea!

  26. I embrace my day by drinking a full glass of water the moment I wake up to rehydrate and then I like to do squats and wall sits while I brush my teeth and get dressed.

  27. I embrace the new day by waking up and being thankful for everything that I have. My healthy family, a roof over my head, a car and a full time job!

    I like on Facebook under the name Jennifer Carroll.

  28. I embrace the day by going to the gym daily.Sometimes I help out a neighbor.

  29. I embrace my day by starting with a positive attitude and tell myself that I will be helpful and pleasant all day long.

  30. I embrace the day through prayer to our Lord and Lady. Thanks and God bless!

  31. I embrace the day through reflection, asking myself if today was worth a day in my life.

  32. I embrace my day when my cats wake me up, I pet them, feed them & let them know they’re loved & then I make myself a protein berry smoothie in my blender lol

  33. I embrace my day with water aerobics most mornings, there is nothing better than being in the water it’s a great way to start the day.

  34. I embrace each day by being friendly with everyone I meet and try to do my best at everything I do.

  35. I embrace each day by starting each morning by reminding myself of at least three things I have to be thankful for. 🙂

  36. I embrace the day by listing things to look forward to that day, so that the day starts out on a positive note

  37. I am so not a morning person! Unfortunately, the rest of the world is, so I try to embrace the day as positively as possible and remind myself of the many things I have to be grateful for

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