The kettlebell, which looks like a tea kettle or cannonball with a handle attached, is one of the most effective weights you can use for your exercise routines. The off-center weight uses more of your muscles than dumbbells which means it produces faster results with the same number of reps. For hundreds of years, Russians have used kettlebells to get into excellent physical condition, but here in the US there is one problem, kettlebells can be expensive.

[Note: There are affordable kettlebells on the market. See our reveiws of the best ones HERE]

You can expect to pay up to $4 per pound which makes a 20-pound kettlebell cost as much as $50 or more. The good news is that you can create a homemade kettlebell for under $10 if you have the dumbbell weights available.

How to Create Cheap Kettlebells

The first step is locating your nearest hardware store so you can find the parts needed to create your kettlebell handle. This is a “T” handle which will hold the weight plates.

  • ¾” diameter, 12” long pipe nipple: To be used with the vertical shaft
  • Two ¾” diameter, 4” long pipe nipples: This will be the handle
  • ¾” diameter “T” fitting pipe: This connects the handles
  • ¾” floor flange

It is also recommended that you purchase a spring clamp that is 1” which will keep the plates from going upwards when swinging the kettlebell. The total cost of everything involved in creating a kettlebell, apart from the weights, is under $10 depending on the hardware store you choose.


You start by connecting the two ¾” pipe nipples to the T pipe handle which is where you will hold your homemade kettlebell. Next, connect the 12” pipe nipple to the T pipe handle which will be the vertical shaft that will hold the weights.

You can now slide the weighted plates to the T handle, attach the floor flange which will hold the plates in place, and then attach the spring clamp at the top of where the weights sit which will keep them in place. You now have created cheap kettlebells for under $10 which you can use for your workout routines. If you are under 5’ 5” tall, it is recommended that you select an 8” or 10” long pipe nipple so that you do not scrape the floor when swinging your kettlebell.

How to Use your Kettlebell

Not only is your kettlebell a fraction of the cost compared to store-bought versions, you can change the weights on it when you desire. This means that you can raise or lower the amount of weight in seconds for different exercises or when you progress upwards in your physical conditioning. Of course, given how cheap the kettlebells are, you can create as many as you want for different needs.

It is recommended that you use your kettlebell outdoors and away from anything of value so that in case your grip slips, you will not lose anything of importance. In addition, you can wrap the handle with cloth or rubber grips so that you can handle the weight better.

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