We love leggings.  That’s an absolute fact.  And we don’t just wear leggings for yoga anymore.  The comfort and movement afforded by a great pair of leggings means we live in them every day.  Why not! And there’s a company that can help you enjoy new leggings every month through their legging subscription service.

Enjoy leggings every day

Enjoy Leggings lets you enjoy a new pair of hand-picked leggings every month.  Based in Austin, Texas, the company with a very funky name ships you a new pair of comfy leggings every month for just $16.00.  You can sign up on a month to month basis or purchase a leggings subscription for a full year.

Enjoy Leggings in Austin Texas

Now we all know the battle we face with poor quality leggings, but Enjoy promises a quality legging at a super low price.  Here’s what they had to say, “We chose to launch Enjoy Leggings because we wanted to share high quality leggings with you at an affordable price.  Just because our leggings are affordable doesn’t mean they are cheaply made.  Our manufacture gives us a large wholesale discount, which means less expensive leggings for you.”

Climbing in Enjoy Leggings

And they did hold up to our testing.  Running, hiking, climbing, and all our yoga asanas were met with comfort and durability, no issues. And okay, yes there was a lot of slouching and couch surfing done in them too.

The colorful designs and comfortable elasticized high waist band means you are dressed and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  And they have not skimped on the length.  Enjoy leggings are a full length legging, that don’t ride up or suddenly turn into waders.

These easy, on-the-go leggings are a poly/spandex blend that feel super soft to the touch and are light as a breath of fresh air, allowing you to breeze through your day.  Whether you’re running off to yoga, the gym, or heading out to pick up the kids from school, imagine getting a fresh new pair of leggings to love every month.  Simple, easy and affordable, so you can enjoy your leggings every day!  Available in sizes 2 to 18,  why not use this link to set up your legging subscription service today.

You know we want you to enjoy your leggings every day too, so the gracious owners of Enjoy Leggings are giving 3 lucky readers the chance to win a pair for themselves.

The giveaway is now closed.

The Winners of Enjoy Leggings are:

Carey Hurst
Kate McLean
Waiting to hear back on the 3rd winner


  1. Comment below – What’s your favourite activity to do in leggings?  Example, mine is to live!
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Why Not Enjoy Leggings Every Day

  1. I take my dog for walks in leggings! Lol. I actually do everything in leggings. 🙂

  2. I like wearing leggings when I do bootcamp workout, yoga or weight lifting. I also like to wear around the house when I am relaxing.

  3. That is exactly my favorite thing to do in leggings to , just live. I love leggings . Thank you for giveaway .

  4. my favorite thing to do in my leggings is EVERYTHING! I love traveling in them.

  5. My favorite activity to do in leggings is exercise and lounge on the weekends.

  6. I wear them when we go camping, sooo comfortable and good for all activites 🙂

  7. My favourite activity to do in leggings is to be a comfortable pregnant chick. Soft, stretchy and comfy is the way to go. 🙂

  8. When am I not wearing leggings? In bed, that’s about the only time 🙂 When I worked professionally I wore them plenty. Paired with a long tunic, knit sweater or a dressed up shirt I was able to pull it off. Now that I’m retired I still wear them almost daily. They’re so comfy and versatile. One of man’s greatest inventions!!

  9. I actually just bought my first pair of leggings only a few months ago, and now there isn’t a thing I don’t do in them lol. I love how you can dress them up or down with a change in top and shoes.

  10. All I wear anymore is leggings! I love to lounge and shop in them especially!

  11. I wear leggings under skirts and dresses when I’m riding my scooter in summer. Prevents blow-up :-0

  12. I wear leggings when doing housework, so comfy. I also wear them when walking, working out (free weights), or just hanging out.

    I like TryBelle on facebook – Theresa Alexander

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  13. I like to say that I wear leggings to workout but I wear them to class almost everyday because they are for comfortable!

  14. I love to explore in leggings! Walking, trekking, running – anything is possible!

  15. I do love leggings closest to the skin when I layer my clothing for judging outdoor winter sports.

  16. I like to wear leggings so I can eat whatever I want without restrictions!

  17. i love leggings for everything! skating, weight lifting, pilates, hiking, relaxing days, etc

  18. My favourite activity to wear leggings is on my evening walks with my sister ,liked Facebook page and tweeted

  19. I wear them around the house – they are so comfortable
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  20. I do anything and everything in leggings. Whether it’s sitting watching TV, or running to the store, I am in my leggings!

  21. i Love to do anything in my leggings, but I think I like to do leg day in them lol. It is important to have good leggings when wotking out the better the look the better you feel the better you do 🙂

  22. leggings are beyond awesome. I live in the, I would love to be able to wear them to work though

  23. love hanging around the house in comfy leggings, I can do my chores, walk my dogs and feel so comfy


  25. I love leggings for everyday life, especially yoga and if they are thick enough I use them for paddle boarding!!!

  26. I would wear them around the house and taking care of the kids! Take them to the zoo, I’d wear them anywhere! I love leggings!

  27. I love wearing mine to work when I am with the little ones 🙂

  28. I love to run errands in leggings, hiking, walking with the kids, pretty much anything because there is always a chance to do yoga ???

  29. My favorite activity to do in leggings is live my life because they make my life comfortable and stylish.

  30. I love hiking in my leggings, not only are they super comfy, but they are cool and keeps me from feeling overheated on long hikes!

  31. I like to study in leggings. I shared the post via Pinterest (clarebear148) and Twitter (@jdcaldwe11). Great contest!

  32. As a mom I cannot think of something I would do WITHOUT leggings!! I wear them all day every day, they are the best for chasing around a toddler!

  33. I like wearing them all the time they are comfy especially while doing zumba or just dance.

  34. I like do errands after yoga classes, but I would probably wear them all the time!!

  35. I like you love to live in them, they can be dressed up, slept in, or to do my daily yoga or tai chi in. Love leggings.

  36. I pretty much live in leggings…which seems to be a popular opinion!
    But if I really had to narrow it down I would say my favourite thing to do is plan my next trip in leggings!

  37. I enjoy leggings for yoga & also for snuggling up on the couch for a movie night or netflix binge session! Thanks for the chance!

  38. I do allot of driving and flying and I never realized how much more comfortable wearing leggings are. If I could I would wear only leggings every single day.

  39. I love wearing leggings to work! It feels like I’m wearing PJ’s, but looks polished with boots and a tunic.

  40. I love to live in leggings, walk around in leggings, exercise in leggings, and just play in/outdoors with my kids in leggings. They are like a second skin. I love them!

  41. My favorite thing to do in leggings is EVERYTHING lol. I wear them almost every single day. Thank you for the chance.

  42. My favourite thing to do in leggings is lounge – so I must lounge all day!! LOL Leggings are life.

  43. Leggings are so comfortable, love wearing them everyday. I live in them 🙂

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