Every day we walk, we run, we rush, we play, we dream, we decide, we make memories.  We do it all while wearing shoes.  But what if the shoes we wear were a small piece of a better world.  What if we knew our shoes were made by hand by someone in Peru.  And because of our shoes, we’ve improved the destiny of a person, and our planet.

Black Oxford Inkkas Shoes by the lake for TryBelle Magazine


Inkkas gives us the opportunity to spread that joy every day, when we run, play, and dream, living our journey in our Inkkas shoes.

Built on the concept of ethical and sustainable production practices Dan Ben-Nun launched Inkkas in 2012 when he fell in love with the colourful textiles that are uniquely South American.   He created a line of uplifting and striking footwear that feel great on your feet, and on your heart.

Inkkas Ethical Business Practices for TryBelle Magazine

Using fair trade practices, and ethical production methods, each Inkkas shoe is hand crafted in Peru or Mexico by local artisans with authentic fabrics that are rich in colour and feel.  Inkkas has taken additional steps to stand out as an eco-friendly brand by partnering with Trees for the Future, a global tree planting organization that uses the donations from Inkkas to make our planet greener, through Inkkas OneShoeOneTree Project

Inkkas One Tree One Shoe Program for TryBelle Magazine

My Inkkas Black Hawk Oxfords make me feel great for so many reasons.  Incredibly comfortable to walk in, I wear them just about anywhere.  Walking in Inkkas shoes by the Lake for TryBelle MagazineFrom a stroll by the lake when I need time to think, to the grocery store when I’m in a rush, because I’ve forgotten it’s past dinner time, to the treks I’ve made with my kids to school.  I even wear them when I play soccer with my bulldog.  Trust me it’s not as fun as it sounds, bulldogs are brutal goalies and ball hogs.

Playing soccer with my bulldog in Inkkas for TryBelle Magazine









That ball didn’t stand a chance! Bulldogs aside, my Inkkas give me such a positive vibe, and I want you to feel that awesome feeling.  So the great people at Inkkas are giving away a pair of their shoes from the Inkkas Jogger Collection or Classic Collection.

Inkkas Classic Collection for TryBelle Magazine




Inkkas Jogger Collection for TryBelle Magazine






As Dan Ben-Nun says “Inkkas is a journey.  It’s about the places you’ve been, the places you’ll go to, and the people you’ll meet.”  What memories will you be making as you begin your journey in your Inkkas?


Inkkas Shoes on steps for TryBelle Magazine


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The contest is now closed.  The winner was Dede Newman

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