If you’re looking to bring colour and comfort into your life, look no further.  KAST Fitness Wear promises super soft, comfortable and fashionable, leggings and capris.  And they live up to their promise. We yogis love to move and stretch without restriction, and KAST allows that with ease.

Moving through a beach yoga sequence, or a handstand in the sand calls for Kast leggings.  With a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from, you are sure to find something that suits your taste.

Beach yoga by Cristina Ortega. Photo: Nick Shanstrom

beach yoga by Cristina Ortega. Photo: Nick Shanstrom

beach yoga by Cristina Ortega. Photo: Nick Shanstrom

Headquartered in the USA, these quality made Brazilian leggings and capris are available worldwide, and are now in Canada at KastCanada.com.  And they are not just for yogis.  For those of us who live in leggings, run, hike and lounge, these leggings are perfect for just about every activity.

We ran these leggings through the ringer (literally).  And they came out fresh and still looking brand new after 5 washes.  No pilling, shrinking or fading.  We love these leggings so much we chose them for our Christmas Yogi Gift Ideas and Giftaway article.

The fabrics offer a variety of compressions that include, an extra light Supplex, a light Supplex, and a power Supplex.  Each offering a great fit.  Our favourite was the Sugar Skull Capris, which feel as light as air as you trek through the bush.

Kast leggings waistband

The wide waistband sits comfortably on the waist, not too low or too high.  Just right, like Goldilocks.  Whether your gig is powering through leg day, doing squats in the woods, or surfing through life, KAST makes it super comfy, while still looking great.

beach yoga

Miami beach yoga by Cristina Ortega Photo: Nick Shanstrom

With holiday shopping around the corner, now is a great time to pick up a pair or two for a friend. As for you, enter to win a pair for yourself.

Miami beach yoga tree pose by Cristina Ortega. Photo: Nick Shanstrom

The great people at KastCanada and KastFitnessWear in the USA are offering our readers the chance to receive a pair of Kast leggings or capris absolutely free! One Canadian and one US recipient will be chosen randomly.

Kast yourself with colour and comfort today!

The giveaway is now closed.  The Winner was:

Donna Hewko – Canada


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Models:  Cristina Ortega and Alysha Rose

Photographer:  Nick Shanstrom 


KAST Yourself with Colour and Comfort

  1. My children and all their creativity and energy, have to keep active to keep up! Canada

  2. Eyes and smiles. Eye colour to me dance and sing. They tell lots of stories! Smiles, like eye colour, also vary from person to person. Some a big and vibrant, others are small and muted with each person having their own shade. I love this, as when paired together they are perfect and brighten and lighten up my day! Canadian born living in the USA!

  3. My grandkids bring color into my life, they are so active and interested in everything they’re just a joy to behold. They make every day brighter!


  4. I work in a Head Start program and all the little kiddos I work with every day bring colour into my life!!! Canada

  5. My new nephew has brought so much colour to my life. He is 2.5 months old and he is such a joy and a blessing. His smile lights up my life. I love him to bits. **Canada

  6. Being in the presence of great,positive people brings color to my life such as my family. It’s nothing like being around people who make you laugh till your stomach hurt,the ones who motivate you and just the ones who you can count on for anything. I am thankful for such great supportive people that God has placed in my life.

  7. My children bring color into my life. I never knew the colors that would exist prior to having children. The world completely changes once you have children. USA

  8. The great colours of the leaves in fall and enjoying them with my family brings colour into my life. I live in Canada

  9. My family…..children and grandchildren…..bring happiness and color to my life! God has blessed me immensely. USA

  10. My kids, my pets, the nature around me and the many beautiful different colours of each season bring colours to my life.

  11. Moving to Florida and being able to participate in outdoor activities such as golf and water volleyball all winter long has brought color to my life! Thank you Kast Leggings! USA

  12. My grandchildren bring color to my life in Canada. I am so thankful for my family every day of my life.

  13. I’m in the USA – but travel brings color to my life! I’ve seen so many wonderful places and met people I’ll never forget!

  14. You’re so awesome! My family loves to practice yoga once every other day. I shared on iceyninja and I liked as Char w on facebook. Thank you!!

  15. I’m on my way to becoming a nurse and actually, people in the clinic I work at add color to my life everyday! Sometimes it’s hard to be colourful if you’re sick, tired, not feeling 100%; but people amaze me everyday and add a splash of color to my life! I’m from Canada 🙂

  16. I love the pinks and blues you have on the leggings, with the lady doing the hand stand on the beach! What brings me color in winter in Edmonton, AB is flowers from the store. and saving some of the red leaves on our back yard. Canada

  17. Your clothes make the workout more fun.
    My kids bring color into my life. I can’t imagine living without them.

  18. Asides from physical beings, belongings, visual things that bring color, its creating the feeling within that I am a warrior. I am proud of myself. It makes me feel colorful, which then reflects color to everything around me. (Canada)

  19. My nephews bring so much colour into my life!! The stuff they say and do just gets me going. I am from Canada. (Colour vs color gave it away lol)

  20. My husband, children , our dog and cat bring colour to my life. I love that they keep me on my toes. Canada

  21. My kids bring color and meaning to my life! They are the best! I shared on Twitter – mywahw USA

  22. I use to be a “black wearer” now I like colour …any colour…I would love to try them out 🙂

  23. My beautiful family, fabulous friends including the furry ones and the wonderful city I call home! I’m in Canada ?

  24. My furbaby Elle Mae brings the color to my life. She is my best friend, always there no matter what life throws at me. I can always count on her.

  25. My three boys as well as my animals bring color to my life! Without any of them, my life would be gloomy and gray! They brighten me up when i am down. Live in the USA

  26. My family which consists of 1 husband, 2 human children and 8 fur Children! I’m from the USA!

  27. I have the best friends in the world. They are all supportive, even if they don’t agree with all my bad decisions and they are always willing to help me out. They bring color to my world!! USA

  28. I’m in the USA. I like your Facebook page, and shared this post on Twitter. My pets bring the most color into my life. They are forever making me laugh and smile with their antics and affection. We have a rescue dog, cat, and bunny!

  29. Like any normal mother and wife I should say my family brings color into my life but…..I bring color into my life haha don’t get me wrong ilove them they do brighten my day and can darken it just as quick but I’m struggling with my own demons and have to look at life different, so everyday I get up and I look in the mirror and I say, I am a rainbow and I am unique I don’t have to blend in with the world I can be me….your giveaway fit perfect with what I’m going through with life thank you for this opportunity…. United States

  30. I usualy wear dark blue or black, so I love to dress my daughter in a lot of color. She is the color in my life! Sharing on twitter 🙂

  31. My two schnauzers and my Sweetheart bring a whole rainbow of colors to my life! United States of America

  32. My family brings color in to my life with out them life would be with out color.. PA. Shared on facebook & tweeter

  33. Taking long walks to enjoy nature and my surroundings bring colour to my life! After a ankle injury it can be trying, but I feel so much better when I take walks.(USA)

  34. Hello from Portland, Oregon, USA ??!! My family, close friends, my pets, and great food, love and laughter all bring and add color to my life in some form among lots of other fun things in life!

  35. When i can bring A smile from the face of a child and elder person always brightens my day. I’m from Texas, USA

  36. Being around d family and friends brings color to my life!!!! Hilliard, Ohio, United States

  37. My children bring color to my life. If it didn’t have them I’d feel like it was in an old black and white movie 🙂 United States of America

  38. What brings color into my life besides my family is my work, I am a med tech in a nursing home and have worked in nursing homes all my life there is nothing more rewarding than making a person who is passing on happy for the days they have left on this earth.

  39. My family, Mom, Dad, boyfriend, my daughter and my fur babies bring color and joy in my life. United States

  40. EVEN though I love my kids.. my parents bring out the color in me!! They have always pushed me to love God first and go for my goals! Without them i would be nothing! Thanks and good luck everyone

  41. What brings color into my life would have to be my family and friends, but especially my little sister. She makes everything seem great, I am a lucky person to have her in my life. USA

  42. My 3 beautiful daughters, 15 month old twins and my 13 year old bring all the color into my world. The gift of children opens your eyes to the most beautiful things in life. From the USA??

  43. My family brings color into my life – love being a caregiver to my kids and husband, and whoever else needs help!

  44. my little family brings color into my life!! they keep me smiling and at times drive me crazy but i wouldnt change it for the world.

    united states.

  45. My son brings color and everything else that is lovely and amazing to my life. To make him giggle, is the most amazing feeling! He has the sweetest laugh! He’s my everything!! I’ve never known true love until I had a child!!

  46. Dressing up in wild colours on dreary days brings colour to my life! It brings colour to everyone’s too! USA.

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